Make a wish every night with shooting stars from this startup

Make a wish every night with shooting starts from this startup

When we were kids, our parents told us that when we see a shooting star, we can make a wish and this wish will become true. We had to wait nights and nights to see one shooting start but today we are living in startup era and this means that every wish can come true. In the manner of speaking, we can say that we still need a shooting start for that but this shooting star will come from artificial way of a startup from japan.

This startup planned to execute planned shooting star on demand by 2020. So it means that by less than 2 years, you can order a chance to make your wishes come true.  They will do this by sending a satellite to space by 2019. This Tokyo based shooting start startup will launch the project one year after that.

ALE and shooting starts

This satellite will release 400 tiny spheres and these spheres will be pulled toward earth and this means that when it gets close to earth, each one of them will turn into 20 to 30 shooting star. This satellite will be there for 2 years before retirement and after that we will see if demand for this project was high enough then we will see a new satellite going to orbit to make artificial shooting star for us. This Company named ALE and their CEO is Lena Okajami.

When it comes to explaining the whole project, Okajami puts it in a simple and yet complete way like this: “We are targeting the whole world, as our stockpile of shooting stars will be in space and can be delivered across the world,” it means that they want to be global and what’s more interesting than making people wishes to come true in a good old fashioned way. So dream on but in a startup way.

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