Mental and physical training for founders

Mental and physical training


If you are a founder then you should know that you are in danger of losing your stamina both in your body and your mind. In order to avoid this disastrous event, you have to learn how you should keep yourself fit and this needs Mental and physical training as a daily part of your life.

In this article we will teach you some simple yet effective ways that you can consider them as Mental and physical training for yourself as a founder or even any other role player in startup world so brace yourself for one hell of a ride toward fitness.

First tip: build yourself physically

Trust me when I say that startup world will wreck your body. Entering startup world means that you have to stay on your two good feet for hours and hours, your sleep time will reduce to minimum possible and it lack the quality you need. So what you have to do is make your body strong against these physical stresses. Mental and physical training are equally important and if you are not physically strong then your mental state will be affected as well.

Second tip: work on your mental health

Even if you have a body made of steel, if you don’t have a strong mental side, you will break from the inside. Your mind is like an engine and your body is like wheel so for the tenth time I repeat this important fact that both Mental and physical training are extremely important for founders.

You have to set your mind in a way that negative views and mental pressure won’t affect your efficiency. Many of your rivals will create lots of fuzz to distract you from your goal, many regulatory officers are there to only apply written law and their level of flexibility is almost zero so you have to be able to handle them or at least tolerate them. These are the simplest examples of what kind of mental pressure you will face so make your mind stronger.

Third tip: Use some times to switch off from work

You need rest and by rest we mean total rest and total switch off from work. If you don’t switch of then all of your Mental and physical training will be in vain. If you switch off then you will come back a couple of hours or days later with a new insight and a clearer mind to improve your startup.

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