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If you are like me and you don’t like accounting then you will have a nightmare in startup world. In startups you should manage your accounts in the best way and to do so, you need a powerful tool. Today we are going to show you a glimpse of what QuickBooks can do for your accounting works.

What is QuickBooks?

If we want to simplify the meaning of this tool then we should say that QuickBooks is a great tool to manage your accounting but this line rather feels like oversimplification and so we will go for a lengthier and deeper explanation.

QuickBooks is an accounting software that can handle and manage accounting and ledger books of small and medium size enterprises. As you see, most of startups are present in these two categories in their early stages and that’s why it is an extremely useful tool for startups.

Why shall we use QuickBooks?

QuickBooks offers a variety of service types within the same package. You can use this tool in order to perform on-premises accounting applications  and if you want some other way and you don’t want to be limited into a physical space, then you have the option to go for cloud-based versions f this tool which is an amazing way of keeping the work alive on the run.

This software accepts all types of business payments you may have in your team. It can manage and pay your bills, and even has a great payroll functions. This software is developed by Intuit Company which is a respected name in software world.  This company started their work back in 1983 and ever since that time, they are making financial service software for all type of customers.

A reach history

First version of QuickBooks was made for DOS operating system and this alone proves that they have a long way behind their back and traveled a long path to reach here. Some years after that, they have released windows and Mac versions but they have used a whole different approach in developing these new version and right now they will renew their approach once every couple of years to stay up to date. In 2005, they owned almost 3 quarter of the whole US market which is a great number from any point of view. So we suggest you to give it a try and see if you can use this popular tool as well and become a member of this huge family or not.


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