Bye-bye plastic, hello AlgoteK

dissolving plastic

Look around yourself, we are surrounded by plastic and this material is in almost everything we use. The bad news is that the earth does not agree with this trend because it takes a long long time for plastic to turn back into the nature and cycle of life so what we should do? As you can guess, we can count on startup teams to solve yet another problem for us. This time a local startup in the United States called AlgoteK made some sort of plastic that can dissolve in a short amount of time.

This new type of plastic only needs water to dissolve and it can easily turn into small harmless particles using water. AlgoteK is a new and rising startup, established by 3 students from the University of Oregon and what they have done is amazing.

Is this plastic safe?

The plastic that AlgoteK people have created can dissolve in water in less than 1 minute and it is a 100 percent biodegradable plastic product. Their CEO believes that this will help the world to be a better place and I can’t disagree with him.

But there is a catch, those particles? What about them? Aren’t they harmful to the environment themselves? So the answer to this question is clear with AlgoteK CEO. This man named David Crinnon is putting it in the simplest way possible and assures people like this:  “It won’t hurt anything, a tree could absorb it, a dog could eat it, a baby could eat it. We’re at stage one; you have to make belief in it as much as you do. They (investors)want us to be at stage five, but we need $75,000 just to get to stage three” He even states that he will take a bite of this plastic and eat it if others ask him to do so.

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On the other hand, we have Justin Lebuhn who is chief sustainability officer and co-founder of AlgoteK and he expresses the current situation like this:  “If the consumer cares about carbon emissions, their carbon footprint, fossil fuel consumption, the growth of our product is going to help reduce those impacts.”

In this video, you can see that AlgoteK dissolving in water easily. So good for the earth.

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