Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics


Here are some Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics that you can use on your Pinterest account to get you started and refine your marketing strategies.

Use Pin It for Later Links

This button encourages users to pin content from your blog or site onto their own boards. This idea holds true for Pin It for Later links too.

To create this type of link, attach the URL of the pin you want users to save, add it to a post on social media after explaining what it is, and attach it to ‘Pin it for later’!

This is a great tactic to drive traffic to Pinterest and build up re-pins.

Add the Standard number of Keywords in Promoted Pins

The most important targeting feature are Keywords that you can use with promoted pins. Pinterest recommends that you use about 20-30 keywords per promoted pin.

The great way to cover all of the broad, short, and long keywords you need is the use of a large number of keywords. It also helps you to show up better in searches when users are looking for content like yours.

These keywords work instead like targeting criteria, matching your content with the people looking for it.

Multiple Products in Single Pins

One tactic to get more engagement is featuring multiple products in your pins c. This way can add value to a single pin.

At first, you show the audience how many amazing products or services you have to offer and next, by featuring more options you have a better chance of appealing to more users.

Focus on Image Height

This Platform is full of high-quality, colorful images. So Image size or image dimension matters a great deal. When you upload images Pinterest automatically scales all of them to match the exact width so you choose the height of your images. On Pinterest, Vertical pins perform better.

Put Text Overlay on Images

When users scrolling quickly through feeds if you want to catch the attention of them just add text overlay directly onto your images and explain why your pin and the content behind it are so valuable.

Use simple text, short phrases, and all of it easy to read and to make the description stand out bold text. Also, the text must be strongly contrasting in color from the rest of the image.

Create Word Descriptions in the right way

One of the Pinterest Marketing tips and tactics is creating word description in the right way. The image plays an important role in a pin on Pinterest but the description still holds its own value. The audience gains more information about what the pin is from Descriptions.

It’s recommended to use between 150-300 words to be the sweet spot for Pinterest descriptions.

Optimal description length will affect from the audience you’re trying to reach and the type of content you’re trying to promote.

It seems not important what field you’re in, in most of the cases you don’t want more than 350 words.

Calls to Action in Pin Descriptions

Like every other platform Calls to action or CTAs are important on Pinterest so adding CTAs in your pin description encourages users to take the desired action.

Re-pin, Learn More, Enter Our Sweepstakes, and Buy Now Are Popular examples of CTAs that often work well.

CTAs must be brief, clear, and to the point.

Use Price Points in Your Descriptions

While your goal is quickly to grab the attention of a user, the great way is to use price tags. always add a price tag to your description help you to promote a product and trying to sell it.

Put customers one step closer to considering a purchase by Inserting the price of your product as a tag. It feels more like shopping online than browsing a feed from Pinterest, it plays as a signal to pinners that it’s for sale and it’s waiting for them.

Post Consistently and Often

The amount of content that you post Like most marketing efforts is an important factor in success. And the key question like all marketing efforts is how often.

Pin about five times a day for businesses is a good start. make sure you pin in the afternoon and evening because those are the best times for pin engagement so space these five pins out across the day.

To reach more audience members you should space out your pins which gives you a better chance.

Pinterest’s Analytics

An important key in social media marketing is the analytics and data we have about our content. With these data, you can discover who your audience is, who you’re missing, and what content is performing well. Analyze this data provide us to improve our results over time.

With business profiles on Pinterest, you have an analytics platform, that lets you see details about pin performance and general audience.


Gain Local Visitors with Place Pins

For local marketing, place pins have their purpose in business.

This type of pins is the subcategory of the ‘Rich’ pin which includes a map of where your business is, an address, and phone number in the description. It shows the audience exactly where a business is located, and can even be added to the users’ saved places.

Collaborate with Influencers

On Pinterest you can open a board to one or specific pinners and allow pinners to pin to the board with you, so to gain this goal you should create a guest board for your market and invite some influencers to pin to it.

Many Brands like frequently to have guest boards created by experts.

Guest boards offer a new perspective and new content to your site and improve the authority and expertise of the influencers. It also allows content from your boards to show up in the feeds of the followers of the influencers, which connects you with new members of a target audience.

Focus on Product Uses

One of the biggest mistakes from marketers and businesses is that they focus only on what the product is instead of how it can be used. Pinterest’s users are much more interested in the use cases of a product, or how it fits into their lifestyle.

You can demonstrate different use cases in the pin image then your content will likely perform best, instead of just an image of just the product. If you’re selling kitchen appliances, show how it fits into the kitchen. If you sell fishing equipment, show the fishing by your equipment on a river.

Pinterest Contest

Pinterest contests are a fantastic marketing tool for those looking to boost engagement, number of followers, and new leads off-platform. You ask your audience to re-pin from a selection of pins When you run a Pin It to Win It contest.

It’s always a good method to add a note about the expiration date for the contest on the pin, especially in the image when possible Because pins can be reposted indefinitely. Doing this action ensures that the audience doesn’t continue to keep contest pins cycling.

Write Standard and Search-Friendly Captions for Your Pins

When we said that This platform is like a search engine for beautiful photos so you can start moving toward ranking at the top of the results page.

Creating captions that are carefully crafted to include your key search terms is the most important tactics to make sure your Pins are showing up in your user’s search results.

For example, if your brand related to makeup, specializing in wedding makeup, you’ll want to create captions that include key search terms for your business, like ‘wedding makeup in Santa Barbara’ or ‘bridal makeup’.

Spend some time researching about the keywords for your market, or the service that your Pinning and start including that term, or terms, in your Pin captions. It will really allow you rank higher in search results!

Use Rich Pins

If you want to make your pins more dynamic, there is a great feature that you can use and that is the ‘Rich’ pin. This feature is only in business accounts on Pinterest.



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