Oleg Gutsol, founder of 500px

Oleg Gustol, founder of 500px

We all love to interact with one another in social media and among people of the world, there are many who are fascinated by photography and this love can bring them together some of the times. But in today’s world, we have distance problem and this kind of situation has been solved by social media and internet and that’s why 500px is a very popular social media for photographers and people who love the art of capturing pictures. 500px is founded by a young man named Oleg Gutsol and today we want to take a look at his life and see how he made his way into glory from the path we know as a startup.

A software writer at 9

Oleg Gutsol started his life in a normal family in 1982. He was born in East Europe and in the capital city of Ukraine. He stayed there for around a decade and then his family moved to Canada and he left the life at Kiev behind to start a new adventure.

The first thing that changed his way toward computer did happen in his childhood. When he was 9, he received an amazing gift from his parent and this gift was a ZX spectrum computer that changed his life forever. His love for computer bloomed with this piece of hardware and he started to work on this computer so seriously that he wrote his first computer program the same year.

An iron man with a computer mind

Soon after he finished his school, he joined Ryerson University in Toronto and started studying computer science but it seemed like academic approach was not the thing for him and that’s why he dropped out of the college in the last year.

He did not change his way through and started his own computer company to make the life he wanted and turn his dreams into reality. In 2003, GSM Toronto was born and Oleg Gutsol was too happy to be the man behind this great company. This company was working on GSM phones and made software for giant names such as Nokia and that’s why they have made their way to greatness fast and firm.

After 4 years, he came up with the idea of making a social network for people who love photography and founded 500px with the help of his friend and Oleg Gutsol and Evgeny Tchebotarev put their name in the history of the startup with this great act. The first things were done in 2007 but the main 500px launched in 2009 and Oleg Gutsol was selected to be CEO of this website and the rest is history.

One fun fact about Oleg Gutsol is that he is a huge fan of Ironman Triathlon ( a tournament which people should test their physical skills In things such as swimming and running) and he regularly participates in these tournaments to prove that his body is as strong as his mind.

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