Revolutionary startup method in medical world

medical world

Startup world is so vast that you can put anything in it and get a new and revolutionary approach for it. Based on this trend, a new startup started to work on a weird idea. They are making gut bacteria bank which is new even in medical world itself.

This startup is based on a team which have the highest level of education from MIT and these engineers have decided to search for bacteria’s inside human gut to learn more about this amazing environment. This project may lead to new methods in both food and health industries.

Medical world is a little bit too sensitive and that’s why this startup is working a little slow. But they have already gathered more than 60 thousand samples of different bacteria types inside human guts. For this purpose, they have decided to check a lot of healthy people and get sample from their gut liquids. These samples should be kept in the same temperature and humidity because otherwise the bacteria might change.

This new medical world startup is called Vedanta Biosciences Inc and they are yet to announce what would be the final result for their project but it will be huge. They had a group of 220 human samples and these people were selected from different regions of the world to put ecological aspect into consideration as well as geological ones.

One of the best things we can imagine as the result of this project is a new race of medicine which may rock medical world so hard that more startups try to mimic Vedanta Biosciences Inc. this company recently have participated in a 3 day event in Boston as one of top 250 leaders of biotech and medical world and this alone is enough to show that they are doing well and you will hear more from them.

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