Ease up your Project Management with Asana

Ease up your Project Management with Asana

Project management tools are not a new and revolutionary group of applications but some of them are rising above the others in terms of efficiency and performance and Asana is a great example for this. Asana is a great project management tool and here in this article we will take a closer look at it to see what are the options and merits of using it for startup ecosystems.

What is Asana?

It is an online and cloud based project management tool. You can track your project process step by step. So you can use this amazing tool to put all of your steps, give people responsibilities and track their work as well. You can even make the next step clear and assign work to others using this tool.

There is no limitation in your tasks and objectives, you can create as much as you want. Asana has a simple dashboard that you can use with ease. As the matter of fact, using Asana as a project management system only needs basic computer knowledge and hence anyone can use it.

Asana and Big names

If you want to know how Asana is trusted all around the world then we can give you some names which can assure you of its quality.  Big names such as NASA, Airbnb, General electric, Red bull and New York times are all using Asana a part of their project management system.

This shows that not only tech giants are using it but many NGO’s are using it too. As the matter of fact, you will see in the next section that this tool can be modified for any user and any type of project management.

Cost and services

Asana can be accessed and used in 3 styles. First one is a free version with limited access but it’s pretty useful for startups. It has all of task management tools and you can add 15 members to your dashboard. But if you want more options and more people then you should go for Premium account.  This account will have tons of extra features and you can get professional reports using it but you have to pay 10 dollars as monthly charges.

If you want to work on enterprise level then you should go for Enterprise plan. This plan has unknown cost and you should directly contact Asana to get more information based on our own needs.

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