How to Get Verified on Instagram


Many people want to be verified on Instagram.

They like that blue check next to their name.

Many of your friends are not verified, so the Instagram verification will prove you are better than them.

Instagram explains about How to get that blue badge.

Now you can request verification.

For social media marketers and brand recognition is all about verification.

Companies like the blue checks icon that appear on any platforms from YouTube to Facebook and Twitter.

This verification icon on Instagram shows your followers that you’re the king.

In this post, you will learn how to do it and why getting verified on Instagram is important.

What is Instagram Verification?

This icon means that your Instagram account is legal.

When you verified on Instagram, this badge tells the world that you are who you say you are.

This gives your account instant credibility.

Instagram verification allows people to know that they were following the right people or brand.

For instance, when you see the check you know you’re following your favourite celebrity.

Do You Need to Have Lots of Following to Be Verified on Instagram?

It can be the biggest issue with Instagram verification.

If you have check icon on your Instagram account, therefore gaining followers is easy.

This verification improves credibility and places you at the top of the search results.

However, many articles about verification on Instagram say that you need to gain a huge amount of followers for a chance of verification.

But that’s not true.

You need to know that the count of your Instagram follower isn’t as important as you thought.

If you have fewer followers on Instagram, you might get verified faster.

The key point of verification on Instagram is to demonstrate the social community that they’re interacting with the right brand.

On the other hand, Instagram verification could be the best method to help people find you if you don’t have millions of followers.

Now you can learn five tips to get that badge:

Step 1: Focus on Other Platforms

Create your presence elsewhere as a first step.

You need to makes your account appear genuine by establishing a strong following on other platforms.

If you want to get the best results, you’ll need to pick parallel platforms.

For example, there are strong lines between press announcements and Twitter.

As you know journalists and politicians use Twitter to get the word out.

Instagram has strong connections with YouTube and Musically as a visual platform.

Try these tips to get more followers on other platforms?

  • With a consistent theme and voice build your personality: most brands to connecting with their audience try a shotgun approach. if you show your unique voice online, it’s much easier to make a strong connection with people.
  • Post constantly: you can convince people to engage with your account when you are more active on any social network.
  • Produce great content: it’s the key point if you know what your followers are looking for from you and adhere to their needs.

Step 2: Show that You’re at Risk of Being Impersonated

Around 80% of users on Instagram follow a brand.

They like to know that they’re connecting with the right brand or people.

So Instagram says:

“Accounts related to well-known people and brands have a high likelihood of being impersonated, so they verified.”

Your check icon on your Instagram account sets you apart as the one-and-only you.

It allows your audience to know that they’re not following a random impersonator and builds trust in your followers.

People on Instagram want to know that they’re following the real celebrity.

Allow Instagram to know that you’re at risk of being impersonated pushes them to act.

Don’t start creating fake accounts or be unclear with your account.

If you want to get verified, you still need to play by the rules.

Just don’t target to be the first person that pops up when a person searches your name.

Wait to be spotted by keeping a low profile.

Step 3: Be Active on Your Instagram Account

While keeping a low profile, don’t let your account go old as a good tip.

If you don’t use the platform, you’re never going to be Instagram verified.

When admins of Instagram come by to see if you’re worth verification they’ll be searching for regular activity.

There’s no benefit in initiating the verification process if you’re not using the platform.

If you’re not active on Instagram anyway, What’s the point of verification?

To improve your chances of getting verification on Instagram:

  • Focus on great photos: The aesthetics on Instagram is a key factor. influencers know how to appeal to their audience, so earn followers. keep in mind, if you discover what your followers like to see, therefore you can improve your chance.
  • Insights: Use your Insights to plan content that resonates with your audience on your feed. when your followers are most active is a good time to post. you can use third-party tools to adjust your campaigns and learn more about your social followers.
  • Engage: Try to be more active and spend time liking posts, responding to comments, and exploring relevant hashtags.

The main key to any social platform is engagement.

Step 4: Try Stocking Up on Earned Media

If you need verification on Instagram, therefore you must show them you have value.

Once you Google your brand or account name to see what comes up and receive nothing.

Therefore, this is not a good sign.

There’s nothing to verify If you’ve got no personal brand.

Keep in mind, Instagram does not use an algorithm to verify your account.

Requests review manually by real people and next they go to Google when they want to find you.

You have a better shot if you have a lot of national press about your industry.

Remember, don’t use tricks on Instagram to force them thinking you’re legal either.

Admins on Instagram know how easy it is to create a Wikipedia page.

You can’t get any bragging points by writing a Wiki about yourself.

Start working on your digital presence if you want to improve your chances of verification and you’re miles away from getting a result.

Try to reach out to influencers or post plenty of content.

Step 5: Asking to Be Verified

As you know, it isn’t easy to get verification on Instagram this way, but it’s an option.

You need getting in touch with the right persons.

For example:

You can work for or with a large digital agency that represents celebrities.

Many of these companies have good relation by Instagram to get your verification quickly.

You can get in touch with the support team of Instagram.

This team on Instagram is difficult to catch, but try messaging them anyway.

Eventually, make a difference if you send persistent requests and explaining your case might.

Focus your cash on Facebook ads.

Keep in mind, Instagram and Facebook are connected.

You can discover a way in with the verification team is spending money on Facebook.

Ultimately, Your Brand needs to have the perfect background, refine your account and make the right connections.

How to Send a Request for Verification on Instagram?

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Touch the menu icon.
  3. Tap the Settings (Gear icon).
  4. Touch Account Menu and Scroll down through the account settings until you see Request verification.
  5. You can see a form once you tap Request verification, so fill the form.
  6. Now, attach a photo of your ID by selecting Choose File.

A driver’s license, national identification card or passport will work for a person.

You can use any official business document such as an article of incorporation, tax filing or a recent electrical bill for business.

  1. Next, open your camera and take a clear photo of your ID or you can upload an image from your phone.
  2. Finally, submit your verification request to Instagram by hitting tap the blue Send button at the bottom of the screen.


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