Write well with grammarly

Write well with grammarly

We have all faced those people who act like the red line that acts as reminder of wrong spelling or writing in Microsoft office. They are going to point your every single mistake and then they will not let you get away with them. If you have a startup then this problem may harm your startup image. And that’s why you have to be extremely careful in your writings.  But mistakes can happen anytime and there are ways to avoid them, one of the best examples of these ways is a tool called grammarly.

Creators of this useful tool explained its process in their website like this: “Take Grammarly with you and write without mistakes on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or anywhere else you go on the web.”

Grammarly is a simple tool that can be used by startups and individuals. It works on a very simple premises: checking and correcting your every single written sentence. You can install it as an extension on your browser and it’s extremely simple to use.

Grammarly will highlight your mistakes. It can be spelling mistake, grammar corrections or even spacing problems. So you can write your text and it will check every single word for you. After that you can see where you made those mistakes.

Grammarly won’t leave you there all by yourself and it will help you with correction. You can click on the highlighted part to get correction suggestions from this tool.  After that you need to only click on that suggestion to apply changes on your text.

This tool is completely free to use and if you have a startup then we suggest you to make it compulsory to use grammarly for all of your employees.  So if anyone in your company was not good in English then your image won’t be scattered by an email with faulty English.

You may ask yourself that grammarly is only on web browsers, so what if I send and e mail using my smartphone and I need to check the content? Shall I move it to my desktop for cross check and then send it or there is another way? The answer is simple and plain: grammarly has applications on both android and iOS.

So you can use grammarly app on your tablet or your smart phone and that’s why we call it an essential tool for startups. You can even use it in BYOD (bring Your Own Device) approach and make sure that nothing goes wrong grammatically.

So make sure to try grammarly and use it in your everyday work. It’s not only a tool for startups but it’s a tool that anyone can use even in your friendly and personal works.

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