Evan Williams,the medium godfather of weblogs and twitter

Evan Williams


Evan Williams is not a household name but to people like me who love computer science, startup and innovation, it always holds a place in a respectful and high spot of the list of great people in the world. but today I have decided to introduce this great entrepreneur to you guys and show you why i have such a deep respect for this man. we will take a look at his life and the path he took toward the greatness and then you will see that why Evan Williams is a great name int he world of startups.

Early life and the times before business life starts

Evan Williams was born in 1972 in Nebraska in clarks. we grew up there in a farm with his brothers and sister and technically there were not much to do with electronic life in 1970’s so he lived a normal and active life as a child until a great change happened in his life when he have decided to start his studies after the college. he joined University of Nebraska and over there he started to work on the field of his family and even joined Farm House Fraternity. He finally left college and started to work like any other normal person but his life was an open book and it seems like Evan Williams exactly knew how to write it in a glorious way.

starting in startup and invention of the term blogger

He started his professional life in startup forms. He worked his early years in multiple companies in Florida and then in 1996 he have decided that it is time for him to move on into somewhere with a bigger scope so he moved to Sebastopol in California. In California, he started to work at marketing section of O’Reilly Media Company and there he started to learn and write computer codes and eventually turned into a developer himself.

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This change has brought him job experiences in companies such as hewlett Packard (HP) and Intel but not a s a full time job but as a freelancer. After some time and experience with other companies, he finally started his own business and co founded Pyra Labs with Meg Houriha. This startup was about project management software systems and eventually made its way to profit in the market. He later defined the world blogger by creating a weblog system and created Blogger which later acquired by Google.

In 2007, Evan Williams made his next impact on the world and co founded Twitter. He was a board member, an investor as well as co founder f this great social media and was one of the main reasons behind the great success of Twitter. He later founded Medium as yet another great startup in 2012 to prove that his imagination has no limit and it won’t be surprise to see him founding other great startups in future.

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