Best startup tools in 2017 (part one)

Best startup tools in 2017 (part one)

This is the first prat of our four part article about the best tools that any startup could use in 2017. You can read this article to get the basic knowledge about the tools available out there and use the ones you find useful for your own startup.

We have selected these tools based on more than one criteria.  All of these tools are cheap in price, quick in work and as efficient as possible so everyone can use them. There is no specific priority in this list and we simply sorted the list alphabetically. Well, we have more than enough introduction and it’s time for the real action and here we go with first batch of Best startup tools in 2017.


We all know or heard the name “GitHub” and Atom is one of their products. Atom is a text editor but unlike other text editors, as GitHub describes it, Atom is hackable to the core. So any startup can use this customizable and free tool and even turned it to a unique one.


It’s not hard to see why Asana is a part of our list as Best startup tools in 2017, it is a project management tool. You can break down large projects and turn them into multiple smaller sub projects. This tool can make your work a lot easier, especially if you are a small and rising startup.

Be Focused

Being productive is a must for all startups and Be Focused is one of the best productivity tools you can get. You can set goals, try to track it and do a lot more using Be Focused.


We all see links in emails, websites and … but sometimes these links are too long. You can use Bitly to make a short link out of a long one but its facilities are far beyond this simple task. Bitly can collect information about the people whom clicked on your links and you can use these information to create new marketing campaigns.


Sometime we have an important email in the wrong time, this may lead to revers effect and end up failing the whole marketing campaign. You can use Boomerang to create timing plan for your emails and reach your audience with proper timing. Boomerang is one of the Best startup tools in 2017   because it’s easy to use and effective.


Social media is a huge factor in public relation but people all round the world need posts in different time and you can’t hire more people to do this simple task. This is the time that Buffer comes handy. Buffer is a toll that can create timing for your social media posts. It even gives you some advices to boost your social performance. This tool is not free but paying 99$ per month is cheaper than hiring people and pay them a lot more.

Clearbit Connect

Many startups have financial limitations and hence they can’t afford to hire a PR person. So if you are one of these startups then Clearbit Connect is the right tool for you. You can use this toll to find the required email addresses to start your marketing campaign without your PR.


Dropbox is not an unknown name in today’s world and I can bet you could predict its appearance in our Best startup tools in 2017. If you don’t know this tool then I seriously recommend you to try and come out of your cave because of obvious reasons. Anyway, Dropbox is a cloud storage system that you can use to store and access your data on the go. This file sharing cloud storage can make the life a lot easier for any startup business.

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