Best startup tools in 2017 (part Three)

Best startup tools in 2017 (part Three)

Here we are with the third prat of our four part articles about the best tools that any startup could use in 2017. This article simply give you an idea about Best startup tools in 2017 and we may explore any of these tools in the upcoming weeks so your comments will help us know which tool got your attention more than the others. If you want to read part one, you can click here and to gain access to part two, you can click here.

We have tried to pick these tools using a multidimensional approach and it’s fair to say all of them are feasible for most of startup companies. This list has there is no specific order in this list that shows priority for one tool over another and we simply sorted the list alphabetically. So here we go with part three of Best startup tools in 2017.


Marketing in social media is something that any startup should consider and Hootsuite is one of the Best startup tools in 2017 which can handle this for you. This tool will schedule your posts and checks impact for each post and then give you a proper report.


Prototyping will help any designer to improve his/her design with minimum risk and InVision is a great toll to do this. It’s one of the Best startup tools in 2017 and many big names in the world such as twitter, Netflix and … are using it.


Lever is a recruiting tool and helps startups to find suitable candidates. It simplifies processes like interview and helps to take the decision by utilizing data. This tool is specially designed for teams which are going to move from a single or couple founder into full scale team.

Online Invoices

This tool is extremely useful because it can perform tasks such as online accounting, Customer relation management, sales and inventory management and even client management. It also does what it names says and makes invoices as well but the name is only a mere shadow of what made it appear in the list of Best startup tools in 2017.

Post-it® Plus

Post it is a popular physical tool and Post-it® Plus is digital version of these popular yellow papers. You can take notes and then use it in your system just like physical post it papers.


Quuu is one more option for social media content management. This tool will help you get the right content to your audience in social media world. I can suggest content to you and give you options to perform your social media acts on automatic or manual mode.


Just remember the old ways, we used to pick a paper and draw our sketches on that; Sketch is a digital tool which can bring the same thing into your computer. But there is a huge difference between sketch and paper sketches: there are multiple plugins designed by professional and you can use them with ease.


Slack is a simple yet powerful collaboration tool. It’s purely cloud base and you can manage your projects and your team using it. Slack is a simple, fast and reliable way to work as a team from different places.


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