what being late reveals about your employee

what being late reveals about your employee

it happens to all of us, we may be late for something or an appointment or even our jobs but when this being late happens frequently then it means that somethings really going wrong with your employee. today we will give you some of possible reasons for being late frequently  and the way you can solve them.

They hate something about their job

There are multiple possibilities in play here. some times people do not love their co-workers and can not handle being in the same spot with them. sometime the hate goes toward work itself and sometime it is against the project they are working. first thing you can do is to use some questions to root this before hiring people which we will go in depth of it in another article. the other thing is managing team rotation in a way that you put people with similar attitude style in the same team.

They are not happy with income

well if they don’t get paid well then they wont commit 100% and this is one of usual cases. if you are not able to pay them what they expect then you either should hire someone else and let them go or try to motivate them using other known methods. try to get feedback and surveys from your team to get more information on the level of their satisfaction for many things including their salary.

They don’t feel involved

if your team feels that they own the job then they will commit but being late can show the exact opposite. you have to talk to your team to root this possible situation. you should give them enough information and enough freedom to work with project. this is a very complicated processes and you need to read a lot in order to make it happen.

They have personal problems

sometime being late means you are sick or have a sick family member at home. even some time being late means that there are some personal problems for someone outside working space. in this case well there are not much you can do as a business owner. try to give them some vacation and time to cool the problem down but there is no guarantee that this method will work.

They need motivation

sometime nothing is wrong with you, your team, your project and employees life but being late means that they just need a push. as that old story said, you have to sharpen your axe in order to do well every day. so this one can be solved by regular meetings and motivating emails and events.

is there any other instances you know regarding this problem then let us know in the comment section below.


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