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Awesome Screenshot

Today we will get a little bit shallow in your needs in a startup but you can see that shallow can be deep sometimes. In any business you need documents in your computer which are only displayed on your screen but what would you do in order to get them somewhere inside your storage? One way to do so is so save the file but if the given thing is too big and you need only a part of it or it has no save option then you will use screenshot.

Taking a screenshot can be a pain sometimes because you may need only some specific parts of what you can see and today we will introduce you to a tool which can make it easy for you. This tool is called Awesome Screenshot and it will make taking a screenshot into a simple click task for you.

What is Awesome Screenshot?

Awesome Screenshot is a tool which will help you to get screenshots, screen records and even share and upload facilities within simple clicks. If you want to show screenshot without exposing any of your sensitive information then you can use bur option inside this tool and then this will help you share without fear of losing any sensitive data.

It will appear as a box in your browser toolbar so you have it whiten reach all the time and this will show you fast access. Using it is so simple that I don’t see any reason to explain it more than what I have a already done.

After getting your file, you will be able to upload it to any server such as Gmail or cloud base storages. Then you can use created file and share it with others in social media or any other medium you need and all these are available with simple click on the specified button in your browser.

How can I get it?

Awesome Screenshot is a web extension for google browsers (google chrome). In this article wherever you see the word Awesome Screenshot, you can click on it and gain access to their website directly but if you want the chrome version just click here.

In order to use Awesome Screenshot, you need to sign up in their website. You can use your google account to do so and that’s why it will be an easy process. Go on an use this awesome tool to make your life easier for you and your startup team and waste no time on taking screenshot in old fashion way.



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