Huawei war with FBI is crushing a startup called Akhan Semiconductor

Akhan Semiconductor

Akhan Semiconductor is not a household name and many of you may ask your self why we have brought this name up in this article. The answer is simple: Akhan Semiconductor is a startup company with a bright future, but there are things that may happen to a company on which they have no control. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to them because, at the moment, the war between FBI and Huawei brought fire to the world of this startup.

What is the story and what part Akhan Semiconductor has in it?

Huawei is accused by the US government over disobeying sanctions and helping countries under sanction to get new techs. These things followed up by accusations over spying data and a lot more, and as the flames rise higher and higher, small companies working with Huawei got burned in this war and Akhan Semiconductor is one of them.

You may have the wrong assumption that Akhan Semiconductor is a partner of Huawei, but as a matter of fact, this company faced problems, because they have some patents for glass screens and Huawei seems to use it without their permission.

This glass is somewhat special and the founder of this company describes it as “a nearly indestructible smartphone screen” They have even made a prototype of this glass which shows that they have the idea and they only have to figure out how to coat one side of the glass with a microthin layer of artificial diamond to make it feasible for smartphone manufacturers to use.

The main problem is that Akhan Semiconductor made a sample. This sample looks like an ordinary 4 inches square piece of glass. It is transparent on both sides like all other glasses and based on the look, you couldn’t differentiate it from other glasses.

Adam Khan who is the founder of this company packed it carefully and sent it to a laboratory in San Diego for testing. This piece of work returned to him later, but in a very bad condition and the delay in timing and the damage this glass underwent, gave him the signal that this product was misused. What is the connection between Huawei and all this you may ask and the answer is simple: Huawei owns the lab.

Right now the war rages on and this means that the battle between Akhan Semiconductor and Huawei is overshadowed by a greater battle between the US government and Huawei. This means that this startup will find its way to get what is rightfully theirs, harder than it should be. We have to remind you that we are not taking sides and we won’t support any claim from either sides involved in this war.

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