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There are many tasks that you have to take care of during your daily work and you all know that the easiest thing in a startup life is losing track of these tasks. There are few people around the world with a photographic memory and even if you are one of them and you can remember all of your tasks without exception, your team might not be the same. So today we want to introduce you to a new tool called workflowy that can take care of your needs and organize your workflow and order of tasks in a way that you don’t miss them due to the limitation in your memory at that moment.

what is workflowy?

If you want to know what workflowy can do for you then we will put it into simple words. This tool is all about time and task management. You can add a bullet list of your most important tasks and then try to expand them into subsections and add tasks to each one of these subsections in order to get the things you need to know in front of your eyes all the time.

There is a very great thing about workflowy and it is using hashtags. You can add hashtags on almost everything. For example, you need to do something for startupik and put a comment for us or read the article or send us an email, you can add a hashtag named startupik and assign it to all your related tasks. In this situation no matter when or where you click on this hashtag, you will get a list of related task and see whether you have finished them or they are still pending.

You can check your list with ease and expand the bullet points you need and get details and this means that you will be able to manage your tasks without missing them. On the other hand, you can create tasks for your team members and this means that you can communicate even when you or they are not physically accessible.

why workflowy?

There are many similar types of tools out there in the market but for me, this tool is something unique. It has a flavor of simplicity in it that makes it totally different from all other options and this simplicity is the main key for me to use it on a daily basis.

But this simplicity is not the only thing that workflowy can offer and its services are well defined and executed as well so you feel that your focus has increased dramatically. On the other hand, you can use it for free and this freedom is something you can’t get from most of the other tools and since finance is extremely important for many people in startups then workflowy is a great option to save money while going on a long trip toward a big goal.

As always, we will be happy to see you participate in a dialogue here and if you have anything to add or any suggestion then please leave us a comment down below and share what you know with Startupik family.

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