Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing Tips

Social Media marketing improves your brand’s awareness and provides a boost that is essential for every brand in the current era. 77% of small businesses as startups use social media to attract new customers. Interestingly, 32% of customers have identified social media as the way they identify new brands products offered.

Social media branding has the power to improve customer loyalty with the brand. As much as 70% of consumers who received a response on social media would recommend the brand to others.

Twitter is one the most recognized social media platform that helps marketers in their businesses.

In this post, you will learn some Twitter Marketing tips that improve your Twitter Marketing plan.

Twitter Marketing Tips & Tactics

1. Define Your Target Market(s)

Targeting the right audience for your business is the first step. If you are a fashion company your target audience would also include people on Twitter who are interested in fashion.

2. Find Twitter followers

Start following people with high influence and large Twitter followings that are within your target business. Quantity is an important key on Twitter just like a large phone numbers or email database and doesn’t let anyone tell you any difference.

3. Share the Content of influencer

Sharing other users’ content on Twitter can help us gain their attention. You can let them know that you have tweeted their content by including your Twitter name, for example, @startupik. This sharing is a part of engagement and connection that gets noticed and if you ask for a retweet of your post by that user in the future then you find that they will help you.

4. Tweet Topical Content Consistently

As you see great content that you discover on the social media such as YouTube contents, Blogs and other types of content like slid share then share them with your followers on Twitter.

5. Run a Contest on Twitter

Twitter contests can be very successful. For example, Moonfruit ran a Twitter contest based on a competition and gave away 11 MacBook Pro computers and 10 iPod Touches. Contestants had to tweet using the specific hashtag #moonfruit.

The Results of Contest:

  • Traffic to their Web site went up 300%.
  • Sales went up 30%, more than paying off the $16,000 investment.
  • Their Web site climbed onto the first Google page for “free website builder” after originally being in the fourth position on Google search results.

6. Utilizing Twitter Lists

As you know interaction with influencers, organize them in a group by creating a list of your influencers is a great way. Twitter Lists will provide you with the stream of tweets from your favorite leaders, influencers, social media marketers or even business accounts.

7. Difference between Business Profile and Personal Profile

The business profile consists of an informative bio, avatar, and your business’s brief intro or promotion on cover images. Your business Twitter profile should tell the story of your market in a single glance, so select visual elements that best represent you.

But your personal profile allows you to tweet your daily life activities using visuals elements that represent your personal opinions.

8. Interaction and Response

As a marketer, you should track your business mentions as well as keywords in order to know what your customers are saying about your business. Many customers seek a quick response on twitter to their product queries.

Furthermore, you need to like and retweet positive messages, address critical tweets in a helpful and respectful manner, and thank those tweets who praise you.

9. Use Twitter Analytics

Another great feature of Twitter is Twitter Analytics. In the analytics dashboard, you will be aware of the best days for tweeting and the content which gets high engagement, along with the demographics of your audience. By the Analytics tool, you will be able to work better on your marketing strategies, improve your less interactive tweets.

10. Use Twitter Management Tools

As a social media marketer, it’s a challenging job to manage all your social media accounts. Even managing Twitter account alone becomes hectic when you have a global audience.

So you must schedule your content to adjust to different time zones, retweets to engage more followers and increase interaction.

There are a few Twitter third-party tools that are developed for better utilization of social media

11. Use the right keywords in your tweets

Whether we’re discussing a website or a tweet, Keywords continue to be a relevant and drive for web content. Backbone of contents are Keywords.

12. Use search features to find what your clients want

Use the search Twitter tool like HootSuite to discover a problem your business can solve. It will provide an open door for you to help them.

13. Use link smartly

One of the great ways to power visibility through twitter is to put links strategically in your tweets. According to a study, links placed the beginning of a tweet has a higher click rate than links placed towards the end of the tweet.

When you tweet a link, give an introduction to your posts, not too much, just enough to highlight the relevance of the content and at the same time, to discover what’s next build a sense of curiosity. This technique encourages your viewers to click on the links in your tweets. Also, don’t forget to place links in the description box.

14. Follow the New Rules

To avoid the growing use of spam on the site, Twitter recently introduced a series of new rules about the use of duplicate and similar content. These rules have a few impacts on marketers.

At First, they will not be able to produce the same content across multiple business accounts.

For example, if you are a publisher and have a central Twitter business account as well as smaller accounts dedicated to each magazine, you can’t publish the same tweet to each account.

This is especially key to bear in mind for businesses to use a form of automation to schedule and post the tweets.

Second, you cannot post similar tweets over several hours or days. So if you have a blog you’re trying to promote, you need to compose several substantially different posts if you want to promote it more than once on Twitter

15. Use Promoted Tweets

As traditional social tactics fail to achieve the same results, marketers are being forced to turn to alternative techniques to gain the attention they need.

In this case, alternate tactics mean paid methods.

Rather than buying advertisements, Twitter makes it so easy to promote popular tweets in order to amplify your reach.

So if you have a post that’s been doing well for a while, it may be time to bring a wider viewer into the mix.

5 Steps to promote on Twitter:

  • Select the post you’d like to promote and click on the activity icon
  • Click “Promote this Tweet”
  • Select your location – you can choose worldwide, country, state/province/region or metro area
  • Select your budget – Twitter will give you an estimate of likely results based on each budget level
  • Confirm

As you know, it’s an easy process. But if it still seems like too hard, you may soon have access to new Twitter Promote Mode, a service that automatically promote your tweets and profile to help increase engagement reach.

The service is available to those in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan and costs $99/month.


Twitter is one of the best platforms to improve business awareness and generate new leads, but things move faster on the platform than any other social media platforms.

The average lifespan of one post on Twitter is just a few minutes, and thousands of new tweets are generated every second.

Your Twitter marketing strategy have to be unique so that you stand out from the crowd.

Begin with the basics of your Twitter profile. Make sure that your business’s handle is short and easy to remember. It should be as close to your brand’s name as possible.

Choose a profile photo that is a business logo. You need to convey your brand message by your header.

Only post during peak hours. Once you’ve find the best days and times to tweet, schedule posts to go up during those times.

Never use more than one or two hashtags per post. Make sure that they relate to your business and the context of the tweet.

Ask influencers to talk about your business for even more exposure. Their audience will trust their recommendations.

Finally, harness the power of Twitter promotions if you need to increase reach and engagement in a pinch.

“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing”- Rebecca Lieb

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