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One of the most difficult tasks on the planet is taking an idea and turning it into a profitable business. It needs hard work, planning, and patience. Entrepreneurship isn’t just having a dream. It’s about having a dream along with the will and courage to implement it.
In this article, there is a list of the best startups based on some trends you will need to focus on if you want to make an impact in 2019.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
    1. Ablacon
    2. DeepMap
    3. Five AI
  2. Big Data
    1.  Looker
    2. Signals Analytics
    3. Knewton
  3. The Internet of Things
    1. Armis Security
    2. Drayson Technologies
    3. IoTium
  4. Voice Recognition
    1. SoundHound
    2. Mobvoi
    3. Invoca


1. Artificial Intelligence

It is no longer just a concept. Many business initiatives use AI. You can find it on your marketing tools, your analytics, your customer service platforms, your digital ads and your smartphone. Around 63% of people are using AI right now and don’t even realize they’re using it. Many people think it as a robot from a science fiction movie. But it’s working to make processes faster, more efficient, and more accurate in our system.
There are about 8,705 startups and companies that today who are relying on machine learning for their main products and services. Remember, Apple, Intel, Google, Uber and Amazon are investing in AI and they are in A rush to grab Artificial Intelligence startups. Therefore, it’s time for the mid-sized and small companies or startups to planning for AI when the biggest companies taking interest in that.

Companies have The Maximum Artificial Intelligence Startup Acquisitions
Here are the top 10 tech companies for the past 19 years as compiled by RS Components from highest to lowest.

  1. Google – 29 companies totaling $3.72B
  2. Amazon – 8 companies totaling $821M
  3. Intel – 5 companies totaling $776M
  4. Twitter – 4 companies totaling $629M
  5. Microsoft – 9 companies totaling $450M
  6. Apple – 14 companies totaling $311M
  7. Facebook – 7 companies totaling $60M
  8. Salesforce – 5 companies totaling $33M
Companies have The Maximum Artificial Intelligence Startup Acquisitions
Companies have The Maximum Artificial Intelligence Startup Acquisitions

1.1 Ablacon

Funding: $21.5 million
This startup has built a machine intelligence system to understand and treat atrial fibrillation(AF). You can monitor what is going on in the heart by using their real-time visualization. This startup provides treatment of atrial fibrillation faster, more reliably and more precisely when they compute the electrographic flow.

1.2 DeepMap

Funding: $92 million
Self-driving cars by using high-definition maps easily navigate around the city without any obstruction. You can integrate the maps with any fleet of self-driving cars.

1.3 Five AI

Funding: $37.7 million
The goal of this company is aiming to transform European cities for safer, driverless cars. It has gathered data for around 10 months about the behavior of road users to help inform the development of its technology.

2. Big Data

People usually define the term “Big Data” as “large sets of data”. But it refers to data sets so large which traditional computational software tools cannot analyze them.
It refers to the large quantities of data such as customer data, market trends, and inter-operational data that businesses are inundated with daily. The essential component for the future of digital marketing is Big Data.

2.1 Looker

Looker was valued at $1.6 billion in late 2018. It is a Big Data analytics software company that provides software solutions which allow different organizations with Big Data management. By their solutions, the process of data collection and processing become much easier. The advantage of this program is that even a person with no technical background can work with it.

2.2 Signals Analytics

Funding: $55 million
Two military men create the idea of this startup, they value data and understand how some little signs can influence the outcome of a situation. Their solution provides answer critical questions, analyses data and guides business owners in some difficult situations.

2.3 Knewton

Funding: $25 million
It is an educational startup that was created in 2008. Knewton offers PaaS solution that is based on the need for personalized education. It applies Big Data approach and analyses all materials that a student used. When data processing finished, the system can offer those materials that a user can easily learn or those tasks that a student has to work on better.

3. The Internet of Things

One of the technologies that will provide startups with some of the opportunities to make an impact in the marketplace in 2019 is IoT. Nowadays, every object around of us is a potential computer, IoT has almost limitless applications. At present, lots of entrepreneurs have tried to develop their own IoT product. Experts of industry predict that by 2020, spending on IoT will hit the $1 trillion mark as more enterprises invest. Top companies like Google, Cisco and IBM are currently spending lots of money to improve the devices already on the market.

3.1 Armis Security

Funding: $112 million
It takes a unique approach to supply visibility into IoT devices that are unmanaged across a network of IT. The Armis Security’s solutions treat every device as a threat surface, enabling enterprises to prevent access to IoT devices and networks based on security guidelines.

3.2 Drayson Technologies

Funding: $30.9 million
It provides an IoT platform startup that is combining machine learning and wireless charging technology and software to make smart sensor networks which deliver greater energy and efficiencies of cost to its customers. This startup company is known for their expertise in cost-effective IoT data collection and analysis and energy-efficient.

3.3 IoTium

Funding: $22 million
This company create a technology that enables secure connections between Network as a Service (NaaS), cloud-based applications and legacy onsite systems. Customers include CBRE, Emerson, Intelligent Buildings, Obernel, Rexnord, and Sunbelt Controls.

4. Voice Recognition

Now, this type of technology is entering our cars, our homes and our businesses and is fast becoming a part of everyday life. Based on a report, about 40 million Americans now own a smart speaker, like Google Home or the Amazon Echo. one of the millions of users of smartphone that power Siri’s 2bn daily commands, voice is on a fast-track to becoming a primary way in which we can interact with the technology and devices around us. While this type of technology has become a race for large companies, it’s also become a rich development ground for startups.
If you want to have a successful business in 2019, don’t need to come up with your own voice recognition device. There are tons of opportunities to proprietary algorithms, develop apps and other functionalities within this technology space.

4.1 SoundHound

Funding: $115 million
It is an audio and speech recognition company founded in 2005. It develops natural language understanding, voice-recognition and search technologies. It also develops an application for music recognition.

4.2 Mobvoi

Funding: $252.7 million
It was founded in October 2012. It is a technological company in Beijing, China that sells and develops Chinese voice recognition, consumer electronics, and natural language processing. This company released its Voice Search Service in WeChat application.

4.3 Invoca

Funding: $60.8 million
This company provides call intelligence for business. Machine learning algorithms of Invoca analyze live phone conversations to understand caller outcomes. Marketers can utilize these insights to make smarter decisions on everything.
Now, if you have a nice startup idea, you can change the world. Therefore, don’t think for too long, because someone else can take your place in the world. Comment and share your idea.

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