Superpedestrian: a startup scooter with self-repair system


Superpedestrian may be the new big name in startup world and we are not going to exaggerate because they are already doing great. This startup is working on an electric scooter that repairs itself and that’s is some recipe for success in the mad world of startup business and it makes Superpedestrian a top candidate to be the next big thing.

This startup company is based in Massachusetts and their origin is in Cambridge. The idea of electric scooters is nothing new and there are many people who have already covered that ground but the main problem is that when such these scooters are facing problems, it is a little bit hard to fix them.

Superpedestrian has taken care of this problem by creating a robotic system for their scooter that can repair the device by itself.  This process is called vehicle intelligence and will have a great effect on the future of this green type of transportation. Assaf Biderman is the founder of Superpedestrian and he explainds his companies goal like this:  “Shared scooters must be super-robust, require minimal charging and be smart enough to sustain themselves on city streets for prolonged periods of time, all while costing a few hundreds of dollars to produce. There’s no hardware that doesn’t break. The question is, how do you manage risk? How do you manage failure? Can you make it not permanent? Can you make it so that it’s not risky for your rider?” These simple explanation is showing that this startup has made its move based on a great analysis and that’s why they have a high chance of success.

This startup was founded in MIT back in 2013 and took some time to boost off the ground but right now it seems that they are on the right track and their first product will be available to customers by the first half of the year 2019.

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