Share a bus ride with this Indian startup named Shuttl


We all have heard and used Uber and whenever a great startup starts to make a difference in a section of business, we call it new Uber of that business. With this in mind we can call a new Indian startup, the next Uber but in a larger scale of vehicles called bus.

This startup named Shuttl has already started to do big things. They have made a lot of money out of fund raising campaigns and reports state that they have already made more than 11 million US dollars in two round of funding.

Shuttl was able to manage these campaigns sing a big name on their side. As the matter of fact, they have conducted their campaigns via Amazon India and it means that they have used Amazon’s Alexa fund system to make this money.

Head of Amazon India is happy about this venture and expressed this feeling in his words like this: “By taking on the everyday urban commute, Shuttl is solving for a large and relevant customer pain point. Amazon is impressed by Shuttl’s journey so far and excited to back missionary founders and management teams,”

You may ask yourself that how comes that a great company such as amazon decided to help a newcomer? The answer is simple, Amit Singh (CEO of Amazon India) is cofounder of Shuttl and used his goodwill to help his new company.

India has more than 1.3 billion people and this huge amount of residence means that moving around should be tricky. The idea of ride sharing is not new in India and they already have Uber, Ola and Jagno as active ride sharing systems there but none of them has anything to do with bus riding.

So we can say that this idea will have approximately around 500 million potential customers and it means that this company will have an amazing chance of success.


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