Quuu, a weird name for a great tool


There are many of us who still didn’t utilize our social media capacity for marketing purposes. There are many tools which can help us use these great media channels and Quuu is one of the best among them. In this article we will show you basics of Quuu and then you will know why it is called one of the best startup tools in the world.

What is Q uuu

Quuu is a social media management system. It is a simple, effective and efficient way to make campaigns and reach customers for your services and products. As a startup, you can use Quuu to reduce the cost and increase the pace when it comes to customer acquisition.

Quuu is an incredible force multiplier. It allows companies and individuals reach audiences they have never knew about them before. It will not only manage your social media marketing but gives you content suggestions as well.

How does it work?

To start with Quuu you have to select which type of content you are interested in. there are multiple categories which can be selected and you can select your area of business and interest among them. These categories are around 500 and this versatile list will definitely cover your area of interest.

After that you will see a scheduler that can help you with managing timing and content of your social media posts. Using this facility, you can add content suggestions from Quuu and combine them with your own posts. This will lead to a great backbone of contents which you can offer to your audience.

Account types and pricing

This startup tool is not a free tool but you don’t have to pay to get familiarized with it people at Quuu are ready to give 14 days of trial to anyone who wants to tryout their amazing tool. After that you have to pay the monthly charges to continue using services.

There are two categories which you can create an account and one of them is pro level. For this level of access you have to pay a monthly fee of 15 US dollars and if you want to use whis tool on small business level then membership cost will raise o 50 dollars per month.

Either way its best to use trial version and learn about the type of content it can give to you and then you can decide whether this monthly charge worth of paying or not which in most cases, it does.

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