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There are times that you have enough time to do your tasks but when you come to notice, most of this time has passed and yet you didn’t make the progress you have been expecting. So this means that you are lacking time management and productivity at that moment. These two things can be gained by some tricks and training so there is no need to worry about it. Just change your lifestyle in a specific way and your whole life will be more productive. So today we want to introduce you to some Productivity tips to increase your efficiency and if you stick to them and turn them into the habit then you will feel the difference in your productivity and overall works.

List and write down all your tasks

If you don’t know what you must do then how will you be able to remember and perform it? This is a simple way to put these things in order and it is writing down a list of your tasks. There is not much to explain about the basis of this point. Pick a paper, write down what you have to do and then you will know what you can do when it is time to do it. If you miss this point then you may forget one or multiple one of them in the pile of tasks you have and that’s super easy to occur. So basically writing them down is the simplest task you can perform out of this whole article.

Don’t put the stupid things in your list. Drinking tea is not a task and you can perform it while doing other things so if you can do something only solo and you have to give time only for that then you can put it in your list. Try to merge what can be done together. For example, you can read your emails in the subway or bus and there is no necessity to do them only in the office.

Sort your list based on priority

So you have a list of what you have to do. In order to improve your efficiency then there is another Productivity tip that can help you with your time and efficiency problem and it is prioritization. This one means that you have to make things listed in a way that you know which one is more important.

For example, if you have 3 tasks and they are buying milk, writing an article to publish in today’s paper and paying your bill dues tomorrow. If you go and buy milk first then pay the bill and after that return home to write the article then you may not be able to finish it in time. So what you have to do is to see what is the most important one on the list is. First thing is you should know is that article is for today and you can’t do it tomorrow but you can pay the bill tomorrow and about the milk, well you won’t die if you don’t get your milk today. So the priority list is settled and then you should start with the thing which has the highest priority in your list so if anything was left unfinished, it won’t be an important one.

Priority can be done better and better during the time and you will improve day by day so don’t forget to check that if you have made the right priority for the right things or not and then correct the wrong ones and improve them the next time you face something similar.

Predict time needed to complete each task

Next thing in the list of Productivity tips is trying to figure out what is the time each one of your tasks needs to finish. For example, if you have 15 tasks with 10 hours of work time then you should know how much time you need for each one of these tasks. If the total amount of needed time is more than 10 hours then you should go based on priority and leave some of them for the next days.  It is simple but doesn’t get deceived by minimum or maximum time you need for a task to finish and just go for a reasonable average time to perform it well. This one will help you with your time management.

Don’t act naïve, you may need to recheck your timing a couple of times every day. That not the law and you can change it whenever you need but don’t change it frequently because it will create a bad habit for you that may give you the exact opposite result than what you have expected. Mastering time estimation need time, experience and a lot of repetition and correction so don’t get disappointed and discouraged in the first couple of weeks

Go for time slots

So the next part of Productivity tips is trying to a lot of time slot for your activities. It is not about your tasks, you should know your limits and give time slots equal to your effective work time. Personally, I can go on with a good focus for 2 hours and then I need a break but for different people, this time varies. To start with, we suggest you go for 30 minutes time slots with 5 minutes rest or one hour of work with 10 minutes of rest. And never ever forget to take breaks because it will affect your efficiency in a positive way.

You can manage this time slot and change them in time. The most important thing is the long rest between your time slots. After getting 4-5 cycles done then you should take an hour of rest because your functionality will reduce dramatically in the nest stop and you will not be able to perform as good as before unless you rest well between some sets.

Don’t forget to put these times in your total time in planning as well. If you don’t do this then later you will find out that something I missing and you worked for some certain hours but your tasks won’t show the same time and progress.

Rewind, repeat and check the result and correct the process

After a couple of days of doing the same thing, you can check your result and see if you have made the progress you needed or not. You can correct your approach along the way and this means that you can get better and better. Repeat this check every week and then rewind your task management clock at the beginning of new week. After a month or two, you will know which one works better for you and you can go or the management style that suits you best.

You should constantly check your progress and In order to do this, you must check what you have done and what you couldn’t. Don’t try to bite more than you can chew and pick the right amount of work. After that, you can analyze the result and check why sometimes things don’t work.

Get help

If you know anyone who has done the same type of tasks, you can ask for help. Ask them how much time you may need for a certain task and how long it will take to improve the time you need to finish it. On the other hands, outsource things you can leave to others. For example, if you need to buy a pack of milk then you can ask your friend to pick it for you on the way home and then this task is off the table. There are many things you can do like this and it is up to you and your lifestyle to see which one is applicable to you and works well to improve your efficiency.

To be honest, we have just scratched the tip of productivity iceberg and there are tons of other Productivity tips that can help you to get things done in the way they should be but in this article, we started with some simple ways that anyone can apply and there is no need for any tool or expenses to master and apply them. In the future, we will come back with more detailed and advanced methods but if you want to reach there, you should master these simple elementary steps first.

Do you know any other Productivity tips that can help people to get in track with heir work? If your answer is yes then please do share with us and let us know what you know by leaving a comment down below and we will be more than happy to apply it on our next set of articles tackling the same problem. And if you have any suggestion that can improve our work then please let us know as well.

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