Peter Arvai the man who took Prezi to clouds

Peter Arvai

We have introduced you to many great people in startup world and most of them were from United States about this time we have a guy from a country that you don’t expect that much in terms of global business. Peter Arvai is an entrepreneur from Hungary and today we want to take a look at his life and his achievements to see how he raised from a small European country to a worldwide phenomenon.

A young talent from East Europe

When Peter Arvai born, his life was nothing like what it is today. He born from Hungarian parents and they have moved to Sweden sometime before his birth so life as a migrant was something that thought him a lot in his childhood.

This has led him having a great variety of places to live in and that’s why he lived in places like Hungary, Japan, Sweden, Singapore and etc. this is the one of the main key elements for his vast knowledge about different cultures and eventually led to his success.

Peter Arvai got his bachelor degree from Stockholm University and after that got a master degree in business administration in 2006 from the same University. After that he moved to Japan to learn more in a one year practical program and learned more and more in a couple of years after graduation.

 Peter Arvai and Perzi was one of his major works. He was co founder of this website and the idea was a neat one that pushed them further toward success. This website allowed people to check and compare the medical results between hospitals and got so popular that back in 2009, got selected as the best website in Sweden.

But his main mark on the world came in the form of Perzi. This company is a software company based on cloud systems and back in 2009, Peter Arvai founded Perzi and made a huge step forward doing so. right now many people in the world are using Perzi for their presentation and this means that they are going to make progress even more than before.

At the moment, Perzi is extremely popular all around the world and Peter Arvai must be proud but based on his track record and the fact that he is only 29 years old, we will see other projects getting launched by him in future. So technically he is a man to follow and learn from because he has a lot of talks and peaches that may motivate you to make your own business.

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