Say goodbye to pests with Pest Pulse

Say goodbye to pests with Pest Pulse

Pests are annoying little things we all hate and that’s why we don’t like to have them in our house but whenever there is a problem, then we definitely have a solution for that in startup style and that’s the case for the pests as well. There is a little startup company from Dublin with big dreams. This startup is called Pest Pulse and what they do is take the pulse away from pests to make peoples life happier.

Pests are everywhere and in all countries, we face the same problem but it seems like there are people around the world who can use our connected era to make these nasty creatures under control. This was the idea behind the Pest Pulse company work and their product was released in September for the first time. Now they are rocking in the UK and it seems like international borders are open for them to explore as well.

Their service contains some smart traps and their patent seems to be working well. Pest Pulse co-founder, Mr Tim O’Toole explains their product like this: “This is a patent pending rodent trapping device with a snap bar which instantly and humanely kills rats and mice and which has sensors which let us know when it is triggered. Some 99% of pest control companies still depend on poison but since 2017, its use has been severely restricted by EU regulation because of its effect on wildlife. It is a requirement for food service companies to have pest control and to have pest checks every month. Our technology uses smart devices to monitor our customer sites 24-7 which means these regular checks are not required as the devices report their status automatically every day.”

A global problem

O’Toole believes that their service has some specific customer base and some businesses can use their services and some should use it: “It is a requirement for food service companies to have pest control and we provide the service at the same price as traditional pest control companies. Globally, the pest control market is worth €17bn and the UK market is worth €600m” So at the moment they are working on their plan and raised more than 300 thousand Pounds in Dublin which is an impressive amount for a company that has started its way in 2017. So they want to take Europe first and then they will go to Asia, North America and other continents as well. So technically we can say that they are in the right path and soon enough we will hear more from them and Pest Pulse may even turn to next billion dollar thing in the world.

So what do you think about this startup and their services? Do you think that they can provide more than traditional companies and help the pest problem solved easier? Share your point of view with us and let us know about your feedback and share what type of content you need in the comment section so we can provide it for you.

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