Personalized Marketing on Social Media


Personalized Marketing is one of the most important social media marketing strategies which you need to leverage this year.

If you know how to use it, reaching your target audience with individualized messages can work wonders for your brand.

In this post, you can learn how to successfully add personalization to your social media marketing efforts.

What is personalized marketing?

Personalized marketing helps to brands look more “authentic” in the eyes of consumers.

Therefore will give them the feeling that they have a person-to-person relationship with your business.

It is a marketing strategy where companies use audience analysis and information to deliver more relevant contents to their target viewers.

Simply, Companies to create more relevant content that provides more value, collect and process data on their audiences’ interests, demographics, and behaviors.

You have been served with personalized content multiple times as an Internet user.

The recommended contents from some websites of companies shows are curated based on the previous content you watched.

It enables them to display other shows you’re most likely to enjoy.

For instance, based on your past purchase history on Amazon, it can show you a whole laundry list of product recommendations for things you might want to buy.

Marketing personalization can change potential customers to become buyers.

On the other hand, the negative impact on your business can be from the lack of personalized content.

According to an Infosys report, when brands don’t provide customers with individualized website content about 74% of them feel frustrated.

Personalized Marketing Benefits

One key reason why you should use personalization in your social media marketing strategy is your customers’ expectations. Here are benefits when you use personalization in your social media marketing:

  • Improve engagement in your social media marketing 
    • personalization is more meaningful, which is why more audience interacts with it.
    • According to research from eMarketer’s, it shows that about 56% of CMOs experienced higher response and engagement rates on personalized content.
    • about 47% declared the interactions they gained were more timely and relevant.
  • Boost your Facebook relevance score and ad costs
    • The brand can generate more positive feedback and receive a better Facebook relevance score grade when personalized messages are relevant to their target audience.
  • Generate more conversions
    • if your business generates more personalized contents then a lot of people will interact with your content.
    • this can greatly improve your social media ROI and allow you to achieve your marketing objectives.
  • Boost customer loyalty and brand affinity
    • the audience become more loyal when they served with personalized messages and feels recognized and cared for by a business.
  • Improve your brand awareness
    • the audience will be more eager to spread the word about you among their personal networks once they develop a connection to your business.
    • about 92% of consumers believing recommendations from friends and family over advertising which shows the power of word-of-mouth marketing!

Start personalizing your market with audience analysis

Now you know why you should use personalization as a marketing strategy but where do you start individualizing your social media marketing activities?

Learn about your target audience is your simple answer. Getting to know your audience is critical to understanding how to best personalize your content.

Start your new strategy by running a thorough audience analysis on your social channel, and map out your customers’ personas. To do that, study them in terms of:

  • Demographics of your followers
  • Their likes and interests on Social Media
  • Your Followers’ activities on Social media
  • Page affinities
  • Which influencers they followed
  • Journey stage of the customer

As you can see, Today the demographic data is no longer sufficient to outlining your buyer personas but it was the core of businesses’ audience analysis for many years ago.

Now, you need to dive deeper and learn about your audience ‘interests, likes, and behaviors because you need to know who they are and how your brand can communicate with them on a great personal level.

Most important key points must pay attention to which stage of the customer journey your audience is at.

personalization the messages for your long-term followers is more important than Content for those who are just learning about your brand.

Finally, integrate your social and digital data to track how the audience is moving between the social channels and your website.

This will help you to better understand their behavior, see how your followers are different, and decide where to use personalized content to improve conversions.

Tactics to personalize your social media marketing

Now that you know details about your audience, therefore, it’s time to use all that information and start creating personalized experiences.

Produce content tailored to your personas

In this level to crafting content for your customers’ personas should begin with picking the right format and topic.

Look at your personas’ engagement behaviors to choose the best content format.

Therefore, Which type of content improves your buyers interact?

  • videos
  • images
  • links
  • articles

This information helps your business to pick the format that will resonate with your follower.

this doesn’t mean you should use one format only, because the main part of your personalized content strategy should be the format your customers feel most passionate about.

Another key point is picking the right topic.

That’s because you should analyze your audience’s interests, pinpoint those related to your brand, and connect them into your business content strategy.

combination your followers’ interests with your brand messaging to find ideas for personalized content need help with a great tool.

This tool will be a creative brainstorming session or content library.

After you tailor the content topics and formats to each of your customer personas, therefore,  you should to think about how you want to distribute your tailored contents.

Depending on whether you are relying on paid or organic reach there are two ways to do that:

  • Paid
    • you can use social media platforms’ advanced targeting options based on interests and behaviors to get your tailored post in front of different users groups simultaneously.
  • Organic
    •  just focus on your largest persona group and distribute contents tailored to this segment more frequently.
    • you need to alternate them with content aimed at the smaller persona groups to appeal to a cross-section of your follower.
    • to deliver content to specific audience segments based on their interests you can also use Facebook’s organic post targeting option.

Produce your content according to the customer journey

Create your content according to the stages of customer journey is as important as marketing personalization.

You know that customer journey has three stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Each of the three stages is different in terms of how familiar audience are with your business and how ready they are to purchase so it’s why you should create diverse personalized content.

Buyers in the awareness stage don’t know your business that well and are just searching for a service or a product that would best fit their needs.

This is the time to think about how your brand can grasp the audience’ attention and make them want to come back.

Your brand can target your customer persona with personalized content at this point. Remember that your posts should help you establish a relationship with your audience.

Your Brand must learn how to generate good content that will resonate with your followers at each stage of the customer journey!

You want followers to consider buying something from your brand at the consideration stage.

You need to convince your customers you’re the right choice by offering helpful content that addresses audience’ pain points.

This stage is where the audience has likely already interacted with your social media contents.

to create personalized content, you need to do audience analysis and use data and It’s a great moment.

At the final stage, you want to convert followers who are ready to buy. Some of the users might need an extra push and this is where personalized content plays an important role.

Consider one-to-one interactions

Relevant content is not only tactic in Personalized Marketing, but it’s also about meaningful interactions between your business and your target audience.

According to a report, only 16% of buyers want to interact with businesses on social media.

it is clear proof that brands still don’t get personalization and targeting right. Solving this problem by delivering value to your target audience will allow you to change this number.

A key point on any social media marketer’s agenda is one-to-one interactions with your followers.

An answer to your customers’ questions is important, but you need to engage your viewers in meaningful conversations. both direct messaging and public comments are important.


Personalized marketing is going to become more important as we move forward into the future. Technologies will continue to improve to make our content more personalized.

If you start using this strategy, therefore, we are positive that you’ll see better results, more sales, great retention rates.

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