How shall we welcome new employees

How shall we welcome new employees

There are companies who have a lot of employees and there are ones with a small group of people but whenever a new face emerges in the company, a lot of new things comes with the new guy and that’s why it can be a little tricky to make them work well with the team as soon as possible. To melt the ice, there are many ways to welcome new employees and today we want to introduce you to some of these methods so you can help a new member of your team, adjust to the new environment and culture as soon as possible.

Before we start, I have to say something that I cannot stress enough and I’ve mentioned it and even went into the depth a couple of times and it is team culture. If you put the culture in the priority list of your hiring and hire the people who match your team culture and style then you will have a lot easier task adjusting your new member in the team and then you can implement these points easier than people who didn’t do the same. So with these things done, let’s get going with the main part of this article and see how we shall welcome new employees.

Arrange a party to make the team closer

Parties are good in many ways, sometimes your team needs to refresh and yet reconnect to the project and arrival of a new member in the team is a great chance for this to happen. There are many people who don’t have enough time to see what the new guy look likes and works with can add to the team’s task force. These kinds of people may need free time without the usual worries about the project to talk about the things that can make the new member comfortable with the rest of the team.

A party is a great time for your team to be themselves and not the team members solely focused on projects and works. In this condition, people will approach the new member and talk to him or her. The talks will start in a friendly manner and then after some casual talks and ice breaking drinks and laughs, business talks will start. People discover one another in this kind of parties and then this will help them to get more harmony in the future.

To make it short and make the conclusion on the need for party, we have to say that a party is a great way to decrease the pressure and make the team know new member in a friendly and unofficial environment and vice versa so if you can make a party then go for it whenever a new member joins your team.

Assign someone to take care of new employees

New people in your team tend to be shy and avoid contact with others as much as possible. So what you can do to change this is to assign someone to take care of the new guy. Someone like a mentor may be very useful to show the fresh member, what is going on in the world of your startup company.

In the cases like this, the mentor should guide your new employees in the procedure of company work and process which you are doing. Things such as where you stand in your program life cycle and the next step of your teamwork and procedure.

This kind of mentorship is a simple way to make your new team member to learn more and more about your culture, work, structure, production system and a lot more and you can simply guide the new guy by guiding his mentor. These kind of cases are amazingly useful f your team is very big and you can use it in multiple levels. You can start with a mentor inside the small inner team and when the new guy got used to that, you can go for the next level and assign a new mentor for the new employees and make his way to know and familiarize with the higher level of your companies hierarchy.

Follow up new employees personally

Ok, you have conducted a party and got the first step right, then you assigned someone to take care of the new employees and got further with the process of making him or her more involved in the business. Everything seems to be good but what is the guarantee that these plans are going according to the specified program you had? The answer is simple: You and you only. You have to follow up the things happening in each step personally.

This point has two sides, the first one is following up and leading the guy in charge of the new employee and give him direction for the next step. This one is simple and if you have a predefined plan in your head then you can manage it. You can even make an official procedure and give it to the mentor of your new employees and then work with that plan to reach the goal. The second type is following up the new employees by yourself. You can ask them to come to your room and talk to them or even go to their workplace and talk to them and see what they are doing and how well the progress is going on.

These follow ups can be professional and work base or based on human interactions and if you want to manage the new employees well then we offer you to start with both of them. If you can make your team feel close to you then you can add a new member to this team with ease. But remember that getting close and getting too close are two different things and you should avoid breaking the wall of respect between a boss and an employee.

Brief people with the precise task list

This one is completely professional and it works very well for the startups. There are many things should be done and there are many things to avoid so if some new employees join your team then you have to make sure that they don’t cross these lines.

In order to avoid missteps and guiding new employees toward the new world of your team you must design a precise task base system and make the whole team follow them. These task lists should be precise, simple and easy to understand for the new employees. There are many things you should consider before designing these task lists and that is why you should consider your business and your approach and then you could create this list easily.

So did you find these points useful? Did you have any other experiences that might be helpful to others in order to make their new employees adjust faster? If the answer is yes then please share your experience with us and other readers. On the other hand if you have anything to add or any feedback then leave us a comment down below and if you need any special type of article then ask it from us here and we will provide it for you as soon as possible.

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