Melanie Perkins, startup definition of a strong willed woman

Melanie Perkins

We live-in a world that has many advantages for men which comes by default but there are many men and women out there with equality in mind as their goal and there are people who have shined above the crowd and made their way to the best. Melanie Perkins is a great example of this case. She as a great entrepreneur and a role model for all ladies in the world and today we want to take a look at her life and the way she made the world a better place for all.

A little girl from Australia

Melanie Perkins was born in Australia and spent most of her childhood there. She spent her school days in Perth and learned a lot from the world because of her life style.

After the school she left her home with her boyfriend and traveled to India only with a backpack and saw and experienced world as it is without any luxury or fancy thing on the road.

After that she has shown the first signs of brilliance as a designer and made the way to the world of art. At that time she was able to learn and get a grasp of what is the essence of design and finally took her first steps toward a great destiny.

From fusion yearbook to canva

Melanie Perkins started her first startup in early years and around the age 20. This startup was fusion yearbook and founded by Melanie Perkins and another friend of her. She explains the situation they were facing in 2007 like this: “When we started, there was not even the word startup. We had no idea how to proceed. We just started to play and never gave up.” This approach made her strong and this strength led to her next great step toward greatness manifested as one of the best startups in the world.

She learned a lot about startup and its process in those years and finally founded canva in 2012. Canva is a graphic design tool that made its way to many other startups in the world and made the life a lot easier for many people in Australia and other parts of the world with its elegant and amazing services.

if you need more information about Canva then you can find a full article in our startup tools section about this great startup and its service.

Right bow canva is extremely successful and Melanie Perkins is a shining star in startup world at the age 29. She learned the startup business the hard way and mastered her passions in a way that they can serve her and others and that’s why she is a great example and a role model for all people specially the ladies out there.

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