Jet Eat, Startup steak for vegetarians

Jet Eat

Vegan people are always a little bit hard to satisfy when it comes to foods with similarities to non-vegetarian ones but we are living in the world of startups and that’s why there are solutions for such these cases in the startup world. There is a startup called from Israel called Jet Eat which have claimed that they are able to make a tasty vegetarian burger with similar taste burgers made with meat and it is all done thanks to 3D printing touch.

They have plans to make this amazing stuff for people who don’t love to kill animals but like to taste meat. This won’t be only about burgers and one of the main activities by Jet Eat will be 3d printing vegetarian steaks. These steaks will be juicy, tasty and they have all that meat has but they have manufactured in laboratories and they are ready to hit the market by 2020.

Founder of Jet Eat is Eshchar Ben Shitrit and he explains the whole concept in a short sentence: “We have replicated the complex matrix that is meat. Meat is characterized by four components: the muscle, the fat within it, myoglobin and a connective tissue. We replicated, with our 3D printer and precise formulations, the complex matrix that is meat.”

He also added that he believes in the future of 3d printing and Jet Eat will use this futuristic technology to make the world better: “Israel is the birthplace of innovation in 3D printing and digital printing and is a true expert in using technology to address the problems of conventional markets. Nowadays, digital printing is being utilized in areas ranging from organs to dentistry and I believe that, in an increasingly digitalized world, it can be applied to food as well.” They are currently working on Steak and burgers but soon they will try new things as well.

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