Jason fried, father of basecamp

Jason fried

Jason fried is not some random name in startup world and many of us know his name and his work. In this article we will take a look at his life as an entrepreneur and introduce him to people who might not know him.

Who is Jason fried?

To begin with we have to go back in time and see who this guy is. He is an American man which born and raised in a normal family. His childhood didn’t have any special point worth mentioning except that he was not the best student of his class but he loved computer. Back in 1980 he saw a Macintosh system in his friend’s home and this event led to his eternal love for computers. He even wrote a full letter which gave his parents more than 100 reasons to buy a computer when they denied his request and obviously we can see who the winner here was.

But when he started his approach to business, startup world felt a little shake. He stablished a company called 37signals around 19 years ago. This company had3 founders which were Carlos Segura, Ernest Kim and Jason fried. They have started this business from Chicago, where Jason fried lived. The idea came from his childhood and he turned what he had to deal with into something everyone can use.

Basecamp comes to life

When Jason fried was young, he had a nice collection of music like many of us had back then. There was no CD, no DVD and no online music shops so everything was physical but managing music was hard and he used to lose his tapes or loan them and forget where they are. So Jason fried decided to go and learn a computer system to manage his archive and that was the first sparkle of Basecamp idea for him.

He found out that using internet and web, you can manage everything easier. Back then internet was a dialup system but he knew that it will have a great future so the team behind Basecamp (after some years, 37signlas changed its name to basecamp) went on full throttle for web design.

Right now they have many packages and focuses on flagship brands only. This bright approach was not go unnoticed and even great Jeff Bezos bought some of their shares so technically he is partly owning basecamp too.

Jason fried proved that you can be one of your customers at first and then you can identify what they need. He is still young and has a lot more to offer to startup and business world but even now, he has done a great deal of work.



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