EnVerde , a little startup who wants to turn garbage into energy source


There are many ambitious startups all around the world but some of them only focus on science and others go for environment as well as science. EnVerde is a new startup under control of university of Minnesota that has plans to make energy from garbage.

If you take a look around yourself, you can see one thing which is in common everywhere: garbage. We produce a huge mass of garbage every day but we can’t make them get back to nature in a fruitful way. So as always, a startup stepped up to solve this problem.

This startup is called EnVerde and they have an ambitious plan that can save the world from two major problems we are currently dealing with. The first problem is garbage disposal and we can get rid of garbage using the technology this startup has provided. The second way they can help the world is energy crisis. EnVerde can turn garbage into energy and this double edge sword can cut the problems we have mentioned earlier.

They are working under direct control of a great academic center: University of Minnesota. So if they can make synthetic fuel and get rid of garbage then this startup can get much bigger than what we may expect.

CEO of EnVerde is Mr. Dave Goebel, he explains the whole concept of this startup idea like this: “We formed enVerde to identify and commercialize differentiating technology breakthroughs  that met two key criteria for success: excellent environmental performance with strong economic viability, We have seen decades of attempts at deriving energy from waste, but what really sets our technology apart is that we avoid high capital and operating costs while significantly reducing the environmentally harmful effects and byproducts of burning waste. Since we are re purposing organic wastes to clean energy with catalytically driven processes, we are not creating new sources of carbon.”

So let’s remember the name EnVerde because we will definitely hear more from them in future.


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