Donna Harris a lady with multiple startup talents

Donna Harris

When we think about startup world, usually men are the main players but it doesn’t mean that ladies are unable to shine or even outshine men in startup. A great example for this is Donna Harris, she is an entrepreneur known for her regular participation in multiple startups. In this article we take a look at her life and career as a business woman.

Going to college and joining business

A wise man once sad never ask a lady about her age so that may justify why there are almost no solid information about Donna Harris age but age is only a number and what’s important for us is what she did when she turned into an adult. Harris go a Bachelor degree in business at 1990 and then after some delay, pursued her MBA in school of business in University of Michigan at 1999.

She started her career fast and extremely effective. She started with some small roles but after sometime, got the vice chair position in Inter point group. This group was a market government relation system and they can generate around 8 billion US dollars per year which shows why her task there was important and extremely tense.

Donna Harris founded Kinderstreet and worked as its CEO. This company was a SaaS solution in education systems. After sometime she moved to Centromine as Vice president of strategic planning, marketing and product management. But her main role was yet to be taken by her.

From 1776 to startup America

In recent years, Donna Harris turned into a well-known business name by working with two major startup companies named 1776 and startup America.  Startup America was her first move and it was an ecosystem which helped people in making startup work easier in United States.

After this successful move, Donna Harris cofounded 1776 back in 2013. This startup is all about mentoring, startups and lead them toward connections they need in order to make their growth, faster.

These two experiences made her involved in multiple startups with different approaches and in distinct industrial fields. That’s why she has a vast knowledge of startups and her expertise can help any startup to grow. But it’s not the only way you can use her knowledge, you can set her as an example for yourself and try to be like her or even suppress her in order to help others. Startup life is not easy but you can do it with less stress if you have help or you can be the help for the others, just as Donna Harris is.


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