Co-founders and qualities they should have


We know that startup is not a one man show and lone wolf style won’t work here. That’s why we have Co-founders. But what kind of people should you bring as your startups Co-founders? What kind of personality and qualities they should have? These are the questions we all ask our self in our startup approach and that’s why here in this article we will discuss some of must have qualities for Co-founders.

You don’t want another you

First of all remember that you are already there in the team so if you have someone just like yourself then nothing will be added to your team. You should not select Co-founders who think and act like you and that’s one of the most basic aspects you should take care of it.

Try to find someone reliable. What we already said doesn’t mean that you should bring your opposite but it means that you have to bring someone who matches your cultures and your ideas but have the ability to see the things from another perspective which is not same as yours.


This one is a little bit tricky, it’s not a quality they should have but it will let them show their qualities at the highest degree of effectiveness.  If you want to have an amazing experience with your Co-founders then you should treat them equal.

Give them equal share even with your own share and that’s when they start to work like that this is their own business. You don’t want your Co-founders to think that they don’t get what they deserve.

Let their skills complete yours

If you want to have the best Co-founders then try to find people with the skills you lack. As we have explained earlier, you should have the same type of culture, this leads to make the same body but if they have skills which feels your gaps then the same body will get stronger and stronger.

Try to be honest with yourself: what kind of skills you do have and what are those you don’t? If you identify this then you can bring people who have what you don’t. Having two people with same skill sets will not add as much as having people with different skill sets which compliment one another

Right amount of emotions

Emotions are important for your work but good Co-founders should be able to control them getting too emotional then it even may get out of hand and that’s why you should think of a good amount of emotion.

There no such thing as perfect amount and this is fairly impossible to calculate such this thing. So try to find people who can use their emotions in a constructive way. Try to find people who are not too feisty or too quiet, they should be able to show these emotions in time and this type of Co-founders are absolute gem.

There are tons of other thing you may think of when you talk about Co-founders but these are essential ones. If you thing other things should be in this list then let us know in comment section below.

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