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There was a time when gold rush made people crazy and many people went to find their pile of gold and then the oil happened and a new frenzy took place in the world but those days are in the past and today’s gold, diamond and oil is nothing but data. But having data without the ability to analyze it then we just have a pile of material that we can not use. In order to use data, we have to analyze it and this analysis is a type of art that need years of learning to master but there are ways you can ignore this need and outsource it to sources such as Baremetrics.  Baremetrics is a great tool and today we want to introduce you to its functions and services so you may know if it can be helpful for your startup business or not so get yourself ready for a world full if data.

What is Baremetrics?

Baremetrics is a great analytic tool that provides Metrics, forecasting and engagement tools for startup teams. They are not alone in this road and using other service providers such as Stripe, Braintree and Recurly to improve their business.

Their services are offered in form of multiple tools. these tools are exactly 14 categories and covers everything from analyzing, benchmarks, recovery tools and all type of things you may need when it comes to data. If we want to explain each one of them here then we may need a huge amount of space and time for this article so I suggest you to go for their website and explore them by yourself to get more information. They even provide API for startup companies to implement it on their business so this means that using their services in a simple way and present it to your people in a way that feels personal.

How much you have to pay for Baremetrics services?

To begin with this section we have to say that you can start a free trial before paying anything and then decide to purchase the right type of account. They have 4 types of account at the moment. The one with the lowest amount of monthly charge is Startup account. this type of account will cost you 50$ per month and the next one is Professional account for 100$ and Business for 250$ and finally Enterprise level account for 500$ per month. Just remember that all these account types will provide you standard services such as  historical metrics, segmentation, benchmarks, email reports, instant notifications, Slack notifications, forecasting, comparisons, breakouts, goals, people insights, cohort analysis, trial insights and annotations and they are different only when it comes to scale of work with Baremetrics .

As always we have to remind you that your comments and opinions will help us get better and provide what you need more so feel free to let us know about them. On the other hands if you have anything to say on this tool or you need any specific type of content then please let us know and we will be more than happy to get back to you with the right content.

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