Video Types for Your Marketing Funnel


Creating and distributing relevant content that holds value to a clearly defined audience is called ‘Content Marketing’.

The primary objective is to engage and keep said audience by providing them engaging content, and finally to drive profitable customer action.

In other words, it is about guiding your audience through every step of the marketing funnel.

Day by day, video marketing professionals are finding newer tactics to engage their audiences.

Every goal demands its own video content, therefore you must guide the audience through different stages of your funnel.

Marketing Funnel

The stages your consumers or purchasers travel through to make a shopping decision is a system that is called Marketing Funnel.



It allows marketers to find out the process of turning leads to customers.

The Stages of the Marketing Funnel

  • Awareness

By means of marketing campaigns, consumer research and discovery some potential customers are drawn into this stage.

By using the information that is collected from the users ‘Lead Generation’ takes place here.

  • Interest

The potential customers learn more about the company in this stage, details about products, services, and information & research the company provides.

To develop a relationship with brands’ potential customers and introduce its position, here is the opportunity.

  • Consideration

In this Stage prospective customers are created from Potential customers.

  • Intent

In this stage, the customer shows an interest in buying a brand’s product or utilizing their services.

To make a strong case for why their product is the best choice for buyer Marketers use this opportunity.

  • Evaluation

Making a final decision about whether they would want to buy a company’s product and services, or not.

  • Purchase

The last marketing funnel is this stage.

The prospect visitor makes decision to do shopping then he enters this stage, and changes into a customer.

From company to company, the activities in each stage and the number of the stages of the funnel are varied. But the general structure remains more or less similar.

An effective way to accelerate the journey of leads in your marketing funnel is using video in your content marketing strategy.

The top of the marketing funnel: Awareness

Brand Video

To make aware your audience with your visions, values and ultimately the core of your brand, this type of video is used.

Developing a brand video is the best medium, and inform your viewers of what it stands for.

Make your brand more human and more alive by using good content marketing.

Educational Videos

People love to learn new things, by making educational videos feed this unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

That offer real value to your viewers, which your audience can apply to their everyday lives.

The audience can become skilled in some aspect of the subject in minutes!

Explainer Videos

For many brands, videos with the subject “How to-” and “Hack for-”, will rank high up in search engines. Audience like to stay and watch them longer than most other types of videos.

This type of videos classified into Whiteboard and Animated videos.

Whiteboard videos

A real person captures with a time-lapse camera while they drew something on the board.

Animated videos

If your service or product is a little difficult to explain, therefore this type of video is perfect for your brand.

Middle of the marketing funnel: Nurture your leads

To make you stand out and not get lost in the flood of traditional email, Video emails provide a powerful, personal touch.

Culture Videos

Use videos to show off your team and the passion you have for your business where consumers are just as much about why you do something as what you do.

Produce an emotional connection with your audience by including team-building practices, game days, bloopers, parties and everything else in between.

Testimonial Videos

A powerful way to establish social proof is ‘Testimonials’.

The most multipurpose type of video:

  • Show how great it’s been to work with you from clients sharing
  • Industry partners represent benefit from your collaboration
  • Talking about like to be part of your latest project from your own team.

This type of videos is like reviewing videos of your Brand.

Testimonial Video allows you to build credibility & trust, also they can be used to showcase the features of your product or service.

To gather genuine, powerful and shareable testimonials from your customers you can ask these questions:

What potential deal-breaker would avoid you from buying from our company?

Once your audience represents what obstacles could have swayed their decision so you understand insights to problems that you may not have considered.

Now, you can make sure your customers know how you solve these issues.

What impact did our product/service have on your business or on you?

When potential customers hear this, therefore they understand that the obstacle discussed earlier is negligible when compared to the impact your product delivers.

Which feature was our service or product’s selling point for you?

As against to a general explanation of what your clients like, this type of question will highlight that one feature in clear richness and detail.

Focusing on the whole product gives you an unclear response.

What three other features appeal to you?

According to the previous question which helps you get an understanding of the unadvertised features that your potential customers can view as rewards.

Referring to a number in the question forces your customer to make a priority for the features and share the most useful ones with you.

What would you say to our potential customers?

Asking your current customers to convince potential customers is the best way to persuade them to purchase your product.

Product Videos

To sell people on the features you can use product videos, but not how to put it with each other.

It indicates the value a person gets by using the services you provide or by having the product.

This video packaged for sale.

‘Product Videos’ and ‘Product-Review’ Videos are two sides of the same coin.

You can help them by reviewing products that they find useful, if you have an audience that trusts you.

Your audience can rely on your suggestion instead of having to figure things out for themselves.

It is important to know that while you can generate product review videos of your competitors, but still useful to your customers and it is a win-win situation for you and your viewers making review videos of products not in your line.

Public Service Announcements(PSA)

Nothing can evoke an emotional response better than video.

Now, Public Service Announcements provide shareable content and sharp on hot-button topics.

Produce PSAs to create influence public attitudes, awareness and behavior toward a social issue.

Brands use this type of video to catch trust and create a positive image of their business in the minds of their audience.

Bottom of the Marketing Funnel: Convert

DIY (Do it yourself) Videos

DIY and Tutorial videos work in different stages of the funnel.

This stage contains these types because they give your potential customers the final push to purchase.

FAQ Videos

There is a big chance that your potential customers have some unanswered questions which are stopping them from a purchase.

Use FAQ videos to answer their questions and score on the FAQ game like McDonald’s Canada.

Instructional or Demonstration Videos

Once customers purchase a product, they need to know that you will not abandon them after that.

They need to be confident that your company will be available for assistance after they purchase your product/service.

Real-time videos

To make a video Highlight real-time events.

]f you have a good amount of creativity and the agility of a ninja to subtlety relate the video and the on-going event to your brand a clever and surprise execution is possible.

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