Top 10 startup companies in Singapore

Top 10 startup companies in Singapore

Singapore is an amazing country. they have made a lot of changes in the past two decades which as the result, turned them into a supergiant in the current world of business and that’s why it is not surprising to see a lot of successful startup companies in this country. Today we want to take a look at this country to see what kind of startups has made their way into great hight form this land and we will go on and take a peek at the list of Top 10 startup companies in Singapore. So strap your belts and get ready for an exciting ride to the far east and another heaven for startup companies.

10- CupoNation

The starting point in our list of top 10 startup companies in Singapore is a company called CUPONATION. this name itself can be analyzed and if you have keen eyes then you will find out that it is a combination of the word coupon and the word nation.

It is a simple startup which we have seen many other instances as such in other countries but nonetheless, they are extremely successful in Singapore. They provide daily online deals and coupons for people to buy the stuff they need with the lowest possible rate so if you live in Singapore and you want to save your money on buying better things with a lower price then CUPONATION is the right place for you.

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9- Burpple

Burpple is our 9th entry in the list of top 10 startup companies in Singapore and it is all about food. we all eat on regular basis and there is no one in this world that can avoid eating for long and continue to exist. With such premises, it is not surprising to see Burpple made its way to the top 10.

It is somewhat like a social media as well. people can remember their romantic or special dinner time by sharing the photos and information with others and if you want to go and have a wonderful date or a  great business lunch then you can check to what others may say about a place before booking your table there.

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8- TradeGecko

TradeGecko is a well-known name for people dealing with business in Singapore. they have been founded back in 2012 and their business is all about cloud based inventory and order management system.

They have made their way to the 8th rank of our list of top 10 startup companies in Singapore by focusing only on small and medium sized businesses. they don’t poke the hole which is already taken and by avoiding to go after big firms, they could solidify their ground in this category of business and right now have a lot of customers from all around the world which are spread in more than 100 lands.

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7- MotionElements

Creating motion pictures is a hard thing to do and if you want to add samples to make your work easier then you have to pay a huge amount of money to the original creator of that sample. The same can be said about audio files so it is not that surprising to see that a company makes its way to the list of top 10 startup companies in Singapore by solving this problem for people.

MotionElements is the largest online marketplace for motion and audio creators. You can find all kind of royalty free products there and the size of their library is so huge that they are currently the largest in the ancient continent of Asia. At the moment, they have more than one and a half million things to offer including 3d models, audio samples, photos and etc and this number is growing day by day.

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6- Spuul

There is a joke that says when the first man landed on the moon, he was shocked because he saw an Indian film maker is making a movie for Bollywood there. If we put the fun part aside, there is some point to this joke: India has the largest film industry and they produce a huge amount of movies every single day. These movies are popular not only in India but all around the world and to your surprise, Spuul is a startup which focuses exactly on this topic.

They are at the 6th position of our list for top 10 startup companies in Singapore and what they give is an online streaming service for Indian movies. A simple solution for a huge amount of audiences and if you think about it, that comes from a deep understanding of the customers need which is exactly the golden key to success.

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5- MoneySmart

Financial matters are often complicated and hard to understand for many people. That’s why many people have their own financial advisor and pay a huge load of money to them in order to take care of this complicated thing for them. The main problem is that it is coming from lack of knowledge and since there are not enough sources with a simplified expression of financial services, we have a startup here that got this problem solved for us.

MoneySmart is built around a very simple idea and that is delivering important financial information to all the people in the world. It covers from wimple financial topics of our life to the most professional and complicated tasks in terms of finance and that’s why they have made way into this list of top 10 startup companies in Singapore because they have a huge customer base.

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We all live in houses and whenever we need a new longterm accommodation, we may face some struggles to find a suitable option for us. But startup companies such as are there to simplify this time consuming and sometimes frustrating process for us.

If you want to buy or rent any type of accommodation such as houses, condominiums, apartments and HDBs in Singapore then you know where to look. their layout is simple to work for all and all the people can find their desired options with ease and this simplicity is one of the main keys to their position in our list of top 10 startup companies in Singapore.


3- ReferralCandy

In the modern world, many people in the high ranks in companies try to make more and more customers for their business. One of the well-known ways to do so is referral systems in which you refer someone to business and both of you gain some advantages out of it and the business will get the more customers. This startup is called ReferralCandy.

Their focus is to provide Referral marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses and they are successful in this approach because they have made their way to the top 3 spots of our list for top 10 startup companies in Singapore.

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2- e27

e27 is a totally different company from all the other ones. It is a media organization that focuses on the Asian technology startup community. Since this community is huge in Asia then it no surprise to see them ended up as runner-up in  top 10 startup companies in Singapore.

This company was founded back in 2007 and in 10 years, e27 has got its ground solidified by an ever-growing user base. At the moment they have a minimum difference with our topper but even being the penultimate of our list is no minor feat.

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1- Ghost

Here we at the top of our list for top 10 startup companies in Singapore and we have a ghost here. This ghost is by no meaning a misterius one but a great a well-known company that creates a beautiful and independent online publication.

The secret behind their success is that all they do is open source and they always wellcome developers to use their platform. You can use blogs and make a public group blog by inviting people to write with them. this is an amazing yet simple premise and that’s why they made it to this great height.

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So, in the end, we have to remind you about the possibilities of missing something here, We are not living in Singapore so if you do then please let us know if we have missed any company that you think could make it to our list and don’t forget to write us why you believe so.  On the other hand, if you have anything to say about this article or other articles or you have any feedback and etc, please let us know about it by leaving a comment down below. Finally, if you want any special type of content and topic to get covered here in startupik then please leave a comment down below us and we will gladly provide it for you.


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