Top 10 startup companies in Nigeria

Top 10 startup companies in Nigeria

We have checked startup companies from many regions all around the world and we have seen that the concept we know as a startup is not limited to one point in the world map. there are many great startup companies that can make a great impact on the world and we can see instances as such from all continents. Africa has many great places that can be considered as a startup haven and in this article, we want to get you to one of them. today we want to go to Africa and see which companies have made Top 10 startup companies in Nigeria and introduce them to you in short. So fasten your seat belt for a world of amazing startups with Nigerian flavour.


Top 10 Startup companies in, the name itself will explain what this startup is doing. this is an amazing way to start this list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria. They are specialist in online travel and this agency is a great place for people looking for hotels, flights.

you can find some of the best that is there to offer using this startup services. their layout is a standard online reservation system and that’s why it is easy to use for all people, especially for people in Nigeria.


9- Cdbaby

Music is something we all love and when it comes to Africa, their taste for music is something we can all agree that African people have their own specific taste for music so it is not surprising to see a startup about music makes its way to our list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria.

This startup is all about performing and recording artist from Nigeria. So in other words, music talents will find this startup heaven for their speciality. There are many great musicians from Nigeria are working with this startup.

Visit Cdbaby

8- Nigeria Property Centre

Top 10 Startup companies in NigeriaNigeria Property Centre is our next stop in the list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria. This startup is an online website in which you can find all types of acomodation for sale or rent.

It seems pretty sraght forward but there is a charm to what thay are doing and thats one of the reasons biheinde their great success in their field if work.

Visit Nigeria Property Centre

7- WhoGoHost

Top 10 Startup companies in NigeriaWell, all the things inside the world of the internet need hosting systems and that’s why this business is blooming and growing every year. WhoGoHost is a great startup company from Nigeria which is the country’s leading Web Hosting and Domain Registration company.

You may think that there are many simillar companies so how this startup made its way to our list and what does it have to appear in the Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria. The answer is simple: They have a great section of services for SME and Similar systems including web hosting with WordPress and Joomla.

Visit WhoGoHost

6- Ngcareers

Top 10 Startup companies in NigeriaWe are almost midway to the point in our list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria and the name of the owner of this spot is Ngcareers. It is Nigeria’s fastest growing jobs and career community at the moment. They are helping professionals and career individuals to be able to find Job opportunities online.

People can search for jobs, find what they need and apply for their dream job in a simplified online system. From the other point of view, There are people who are in need of professional employees and they can find the right candidates in Ngcareers.

Visit Ngcareers

5- NairaBET

Top 10 Startup companies in NigeriaBetting online is a huge thing and a multi-billion dollar business so it is not that surprising to see one of them pops up in our list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria.

This startup is called NairaBET and it is a sports bookmakers with over 100 thousand active members. they have a lot of outlets in the Nigerian capital city, Lagos. people are able to bet on online games and their customer base is ever growing and in a strong fashion.

Visit NairaBET

4- IROKOtv

Top 10 Startup companies in NigeriaiROKOtv is currently ranked 4th in our list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria and they are a great Nigerian film making firm.

People of Nigeria love this startup and their services so much that they are growing extremely well at the moment. In other words, we can say that a huge part of the entertainment for Nigerian people all across the country.

Visit irokotv

3- 360NoBS

Top 10 Startup companies in is a Nigerian-based all-round entertainment and This startup is a lifestyle website. In short, we can say that they are providing the latest news and information for their customers.

they are currently 3rd in our list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria but they have a huge background and even got Voted as the Best entertainment system in the whole country in both 2011 and 2013 which are prestigious rewards.

Visit 360nobs

2- eskimi

Top 10 Startup companies in NigeriaSocial networks are some of the most important aspects of our life and we are using them on daily basis. Some of the countries have their own local social network and Eskimi is a social network website which is the runnerup in our list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria.

They have a huge amount of customers and people there loves this startup work so much that many of them prefer it to giants such as Facebook an twitter.

Visit eskimi

1- Konga

Konga is a megastore and actually, it is one of the most successful megastores in this country. They have made their way all the way to the top of this list of Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria and its fair to say that they deserve all the praise they take. The reason behind this spot is hat they are an online megastore with a huge growth rate so they may keep this spot for a long time if they continue their growth like this. They have started their work back in 2012 and right now they have more than 150 employees which are a huge amount for a company at this scale.

Visit Konga

At this point when we have introduced you to Top 10 Startup companies in Nigeria, I feel that it is fair to mention how we have selected members of this list. we have checked multiple criteria in order to see which company is successful in terms of customer base, financial achievements and overall growth. So if you feel like there are companies that could have made this list and we did not include it then please let us know about it and share some of the reasons you have to support your claim. On the other hand, if you have any suggestion, request or even feedback then let us know about it by leaving a comment down below so let us know about it to get our work better and more suitable for your need and your taste.


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