Top 10 startup companies in Italy

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

Since we have started our series of Top ten startup companies in different countries, we have covered many places and most of them were countries with modern aura around them but this time we are going to a land with an amazing history, a place known for its art and culture, a little boot in the southern part of Europe: Italy. This article is a great proof for you to see that even old countries can be amazingly great when it comes to startup and today we will travel to this land and give you the list of Top 10 startup companies in Italy. So get ready, and make your mind free because you may see things you were looking for in this list.

10- BeMyEye

BeMyEye  is a great company in Italy and they are the starting point of our Top 10 startup companies in Italy. This startup is an in store data as service provider the data people need with ease.

At the moment  there are 9 thousand eyes working with them and people can use their services so get visual from any place in Italy. They offer their services with a fair and low price so everyone can use it.

Visit BeMyEye

9- SplitShire

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

Our next stop in Top 10 startup companies in Italy is Splitshire. his startup company is a great place to recover your lost dreams and you can get your old photos back with this amazing tool.

This startup has being founded 2 years ago and the way they are growing shows plenty of promises and they may climb the ladder faster than what you expect. If you have an old photo then go on and try them, they will give you something solid and turn your almost destroyed picture into a great and useful one.

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8- ProntoPro

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

This company is yet another member of our squad for Top 10 startup companies in Italy. If you are living in Italy and you need any prfessional service then you can use ProntoPro as a great solution.

This startup will give you the chance to put your problem in their website and get 5 offers for solution. You can compare them and get the best professional service with the best rate for your need.

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7- SosTariffe

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

On the 7th spot of this list of Top 10 startup companies in Italy we have an interesting company called SosTariffe. To be honest, this one and the previous one are fairly similar to each other and they both give you a chance to compare the rate for services and get the best you can get.

The only reason behind their higher place is simplicity of their web design that makes them a better option for people with lower interest to complicated computer services.

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6- Ludwig

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

Ludwig is one of the most surprising members of this list of Top 10 startup companies in Italy. It is a linguistic search engine and helps Italian people boost their English writing.

You can turn your ideas into written documents using Ludwig and then you can be sure of quality because they are professionals in their own field of business. This tool is amazingly useful for people who have a little bit of problem with English and that’s why they have made a great progress.

Visit Ludwig

5- Rebrandly

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

We have reached the midpoint of our picks for Top 10 startup companies in Italy and we have Rebrandly, a company with some interesting services. What they have to offer you ask? they can make your long URL into a great, shortened one and you can make your brand using this short link.

The main difference between Rebrandly and other link shortners is that you can choose your own a specific domain name and the link will get short based on this brand name.

Visit Rebrandly

4- Italist

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

This member of top 10 startup companies in Italy is pure Italian and the name itself shows this but what they do to deserve this high rank among startups in this land?

Italist is the biggest marketplace for Italian high end boutiques and emerging Italian brands. So in a land with people who have a high sense of style, there is no surprise that Italist made its way to this list. People Can get all of the things they need from Fashion in a unified platform and get the best offers as well as access to a lot of brands.

Visit Italist

3- iubenda

Top 10 startup companies in Italy

The third place in this list of top 10 startup companies in Italy is called iubenda. Privacy policy for websites is not something you can take lightly and this is exactly why you can count on iubenda.

They Help website owners to generate the Privacy Policy for his website and in order to make it useful, they will use the advises from a great law team which makes their services trusted in Italy and many other countries.

Visit iubenda

2- Jobrapido

Top 10 startup companies in ItalyOur runner up in the this list is Jobrapido but they have definitely earned their spot in our list of top 10 startup companies in Italy. This startup is a job hub.

People who are looking for job can find job offers there and get the job they deserve and on the other hand people who are looking for top talents can find the right candidates there. All these services are given in a simple and effective user interface that makes most of people happy and comfortable working with it so it is a win win situation and Jobrapido  is making business by making people happy and this is an amazing achievement.

Visit Jobrapido

1- Musixmatch

And finally the best startup at the top of our list for top 10 startup companies in Italy is Musicmatch. This startup is all about music lyrics and you can find almost any song lyrics you think about.

Just search for the song name and then you will have its lyrics and this will add a whole new dimension to your musical world. This startup is giving its services on windows and mac as well as iOS and android so almost everyone can use what they have to offer and thatch the pure reason behind their success.

Visit Musixmatch

So what do you think? did any of these startup company in this list got your interest? what do you think about our list? Do you know any other startup which you think could make it in our list of Top 10 startup companies in Italy and we have missed it? if you have any answer to any of these question then feel free to share it with us.

On the other hand if you think that you need any special type of content in startupik and you want a topic on any specific type of article then please put a comment down below. Even if you have any criticism or opinion, you are the most welcome to let us know and thank you for being a part of startupik family.

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