Top 10 startup companies in Canada

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

Here we are back in North America as our next stop for top 10 startup companies of major countries for startup system. This time we are going a little bit closer to North Pole and we will give you our list for Top 10 startup companies in Canada. So here we go with yet another exciting list for you startupik folk.

10- RateHub

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

Let’s start with a simple but great startup company in Canada. This startup company has made the life easier in North America with its services. The name is RateHub and people in Canada can compare all kind of rate for different services there.

RateHub brings rates for things such as insurance, mortgage and even credit cards in their panel and this means ease of use and access for all he people. Simplicity of their implementation was a key factor in their selection for our list of Top 10 startup companies in Canada.

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Top 10 startup companies in Canada

You may wonder what kind of analytic platform may be after reading the name. It is a simple task that they have tackle and this means that they will provide you with analytic information about facts such as nutrition’s and related stuff. Greatest thing about is that they ae an independent organization and they are not connected to any governmental body which make them free of those scandals and rumors that always flies around government organizations with same type of services. This eventually raised their popularity and led to them earn their 9th place in our Top 10 startup companies in Canada.

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8- Busbud

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

When you live in a country like Canada then you most probably will use public transportation. This type of transportation has a great rate and quality but the problem there is that people are not using it in a way that they desire and whenever there is a problem, there is a startup solution for it and in this case we have BusBud in our top 10 startup companies in Canada which have addressed this problem.

If we want to explain their work casually then we have to say that Busbud is a simple way of communication and connection between passengers and Bus drivers. This means that they can communicate and get the best service from bus rides in Canada and their level of effectiveness has earned them a great deal of profit and user base.

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7- Windscribe

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

We all may need VPN for personal and professional reasons. We may need to check out web service as it pears in another region or country or we simply may need to change our IP address to another place to cover our identity for safekeeping and staying away from all those irritating advertisements. In these situations, we can use Windscribe as a great VPN tool which not only works as a virtual private network but creates multiple other services that can help us make our desktop experience greater.

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Top 10 startup companies in Canada

Voice actors have a beautiful job, if you think their job is easy then try to listen to your own recorded voice (warning, I personally wanted to delete the evidence as soon as heard my own voice on a narration) and see the awkward result.

There are professional people that can provide you their services with great skills and style but to get access to them is something that we have to struggle with if there are no startup such as around. This startup lets you hire voice actors. You can hear voice samples and select the actor you want and then ‌will connect you to get the service from him/her.

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5- Thinkfic

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

We have reached the midpoint of our Top 10 startup companies in Canada and this one is a special one. These days there are no boundaries for learning and people all around the world need to know more and more every day. That’s why startups such as Thinkfic had such great impact on the world.

This startup is a place where you can find professional courses and learn things from great teachers online. In other words, Thinkfic is an online school that provide you all type of courses to study online and get certificate for them.

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4- Plotly

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

The world is not the same without developers but they have a hard life for themselves. They have to analyze every single line of code to make a great program and that’s why they need analytic skills and services. Well Plotly can make life easier for them. It is a platform that can bring Collaborative data analysis and visualization for these folks.

It will give graphical representation for major and popular programming languages and spreadsheet and other types of tools such as Python, R, MATLAB, & Excel.  It can provide output in 2D and 3D, and even live streaming graphs is possible thanks to Plotly.


3- Unbounce

There are more than one simple reason behind selecting this company in Top 10 startup companies in Canada and the more you use it, the more you will enjoy their services. If you want to do anything online, you will need a website and if you need a website then your landing page is something that can bring people to your services and commit them or let them run away. That’s when Unbounce comes in handy. This tool will take care of your landing Pages. It will build, publish & test without any problem and brings you the results on which part you should change if you want to have a greater landing page. It also has tools to make doing this easy for you and that’s more than welcomed from people in Canada which have earned them a great progress and profit.

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2- Hootsuite

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

Social media is a big part of startup life and if you are a regular reader of startupik articles then you know that we have a section that introduces you to startup tools. A couple of weeks ago we went for Hootsuite as a great startup tool for social media management. Well as you have guessed, it is a Canadian startup and it will bring you a world of opportunities to manage your social media activities in the most efficient way possible. You can manage things such as social media posts, interactions and all related things in a unified platform and that makes working with Hootsuite, such a pleasure.

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1- 500px

Top 10 startup companies in Canada

Here we go with our pick as the leader of Top 10 startup companies in Canada and we have picked a great one for you. Photographing is something that never stops from evolving and when there is a chance to improve things, there is a startup doing that and 500px is exact definition of this situation.

It is a community system for professional and semi pro photographers. If you are a techie then we can say that 500px is like github but for photographers. So if you love taking pictures more than a normal daily hobby then you can check 500px and get a whole new world in front of your eyes.

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Is there any company you think deserves to be in our list? If that’s the case then please leave us a comment down below and give us your reasons why that company should be there in the list. And a s always if you have any suggestion or thoughts on this post then please leave a comment for us.

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