5 things a leader should do before expecting it from his team

5 things a leader should do before expecting it from his team

A leader is different from a boss and we have already discussed this in a full-length article but even if you are a leader or a boss, you should do some of the things before anyone else. You should not wait for others to start things sometimes and this is especially true in the case of leaders. Leaders should lead their team before anything else and in order to do that, they should be able to understand that unless they do some of the things themselves, no one is willing to them right and that’s why today I came up with the idea of writing an article to show you  5 things a leader should do before expecting it from his team. So pick a pen and paper (or your tablet quick note system because we live in the computer era) and note down these things if you want to be a leader.

Be there before anyone else

The very first aspect of a team is working together and there are time slots you should be in your office environment and work there. If you are an employee then you should be able to comply with this timing but you know what can be discouraging? Getting there and see that your leader is late for work. If a leader is late for work then he/she cannot push his team to be there in time. He/she will lose the creditability and hence cannot use his influence to bring the team in time. But if a leader is there before anyone else, then he or she has sent a clear signal and this signal is that “I am here before you so you know that we are serious about the timing and the job to be there at least at the proper time and I will acknowledge you.”

This is not that hard to do. If you’re working time starts at 9 then be there at 8:45 or 8:50 and you are good. If you have a team member that comes at 8:30 then there is no need for you to come there at 8:20 but show some appreciation to that person to encourage him to continue hard working. If you are hare working then your team will follow your lead and if you are lazy then your team will eventually get lazy. So be an example and let then follow your timing by being there before others and then you can bring your team to work. And by the way, don’t be too strict because being late may happen to anyone and it is not a threat unless it got repeated so don’t take it too hard when people are late because of a reasonable incident or an acceptable reason.

Leave after everyone

So this s yet another obvious point. if you are going to make the team understand that you are going to work more than anyone else then you should not leave earlier than them. Or at least try to make the frequency of it as low as possible. this means that you are willing to sacrifice more than anyone else and this is a direct trait of a leader. if you combine this part and part one then you will have the recipe and ingredient to make your team work as hard as your self without forcing them. if you only force them to work hard and they see that you are not working hard then they will get exhausted in the best situations and disappointed from the project. this means that the project will die off sooner than you can think and that is the last thing a leader would want. so if you leave after the majority of the team, the rest of the team will start following you and the other hardworking people as an example.

Be open to suggestions

A great leader is someone that always follows the procedure but yet he/she is flexible enough to make the way smoother than before by performing small and large changes. There are many people who think that when they are in control over a team, they can do all things right just by themselves and this is wrong by any extent. You are not god and you can make mistakes and understanding this is essential before anything else in the list of things a leader should do.

You should listen to your team, they may see things from another perspective and identify flaws in the procedure that you are so into the project to get blinded to these facts. so to overcome this, one of the things a leader should do is listening to his/her team. You can do it in two ways, first one is public meetings but it can be tricky and people may get into conflicts so we suggest you to meet with your team regularly. Do not close your door to them and always be ready to dedicate a small time slot to them.

Control your temper and don’t mix personal life and work

A leader is calm and yet passionate and a boss can be angry and scary to some extent. Another one in the list of things a leader should do is temper management.  you must control your anger if you want to be a good leader. working in startup companies can be frustrating. there are more than few things that can irritate you and make you get to the boiling point and if you want to be a leader, you should cool yourself down and then try to control the things.

One of the things that may affect your work is your personal life. your team may bring problems from home to work but if their leader does the same then we have the recipe for chaos and chaos leads to failure. So if you want to make the work better then leave your personal life behind and act as an example for the team. this will help you in two ways: the first one is having a better control over your emotions and making better decisions using this calmness and the next one is leading by example.

Take commitments with deadlines

Our last entry in the list of things a leader should do is timing. yes, we have talked about timing a lot already but this is timing from another point of view. You should learn to get the commitment seriously. if you want to do this then you must be able to measure the commitment and to measure anything, you need the right scale and tool.

To measure a commitment, you should use deadlines as a tool and this is something you should turn into a habit in your team. Everyone should do what they need to do in time and if a deadline is missed then you will be able to identify where the problem belongs to and then you can root things out to find out a way out. there might be many reasons behind failure and if you don’t use this type of commitments then people may put the blames on others and this leads to more problem. the solution is not that hard and since you have the tools to do it then you can be a great leader and solve a seemly complicated situation as fast as possible without hurting harmony in your team.

so there are 5 of the most important thing we thought of but there are more points you can bring to life if you want to be a leader. is there anything besides these 5 things a leader should do before expecting it from his team that you can add to this article? if the answer is yes then please leave us a comment down below and share your knowledge and experience with other members of Startupik family.

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