Teamleader, a great CRM for startup businesses

Teamleader, a great CRM for startup businesses

There are many tools that startup companies can use but when it comes to the real deal, things like CRM and other management systems can help the companies to make the world of a startup owner better than before. Teamleader is a great CRM tool that all startup companies can use to get their things done better and easier and today we want to introduce you to this amazing tool to show you why you may need it in your business.

what is Teamleader?

Teamleader is a CRM system in which you can do a lot of things that can be troublesome for you under normal situation. So what it does is simple, you can integrate your tools and services and make them work together in the best way.

Their service can be categorized in Online CRM, Invoicing, Project management and Support tickets. This means that you can earn the trust of your customers and start to get progress in your whole business within no time. You can make a database and manage every single detail of your business using this database.

At the moment there are more than 45 thousand active users which is a fairly big amount for a CRM system. People are doing all kind of stuff such as making real-time quotation based on insights and get feedbacks to make follow up system for that.

If you leave your business to Teamleader then you can save the workload of more than 1 people in your team and assign them to different tasks. this is a great way for your team to get into business peak as fast as possible and the cost to do that is fair as well which we will go to its depth in the next section.

How much it will cost?

The pricing system is not that simple for this tool, you can get at least 2 users up to any number you can imagine. For the basic CRM system, you will have to pay 25$ per month but if you need to add any number to that then your price will be up to 35, 45 and etc. adding Invoicing system will have additional 25$ cost for each user and Project management system will cost you 50$ more.  The same amount is there for Support ticketing and this means that you have to pay 150$ for each user will all the facilities offered by Teamleader.

If you still don’t know if this tool useful for you or not then you can count on using the free trial version for this tool and after that, you can decide the result and pay or go for another option respectively.

So if you know anything more than we have covered (About Teamleader) then please let us know about it and share it with our readers. And finally as always at the end of this article I have remind you about comments, your comments, feedback and requests will lead us to get better and closer to what you need from a startup related media so please spare some time and let us know what you think about startupik contents so far and what you want for the future.

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