3 task successful leaders should leave to other people

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There are old sayings in this world that has ages of wisdom under their belt and people should follow them without any hesitation but there are some who are not applicable to all. For example they say that if you want to do something right then do it yourself and this is not true in all cases.

There are successful leaders in the world and there are people who want to be one and if you are in the second part then today’s article is for you because it shows things you should leave for other people to do and if you try to do them by yourself then you may harm the harmony in the team and decrease the efficiency of your whole company which is obviously the last thing you want. you are not a machine and you should know that you are not a machine and the more you do by yourself, higher the chance of mistakes so try to trust your team more and more to get better result; So grab a paper and a pen and get ready for a ride toward being a better leader and 3 task successful leaders should leave to other people.

Let others handle hardware and software systems for you

Software and hardware are like heart and soul for any startup. They make the work easier and let your team and you be faster and more accurate but there are many of them around so you cannot handle them all by yourself. When it comes to software you should know what you need and leave finding the best option to someone else in the team.

It is due to the nature of software installation nature which is extremely time consuming and any successful leader should spend his or her time with more important tasks. So leave it to someone else and just use the software they provide.

On the other hand we have hardware that can be a huge headache. So leave it to someone with more time and good knowledge about hardware and just use their service in order to make things better in the whole team.  Getting hardware may need activities outside your office and you should spend as much time as you can with your team. So leaving the office for hardware can be done by someone else while you are focusing on the whole team and let people know that they are more important than buying a piece of hardware.

There is something that as a successful leader you should know and it is that if you leave this to others then it does not necessarily means that you have to forget about it. You can learn more and more and even be able to do it yourself if there were any need but you must leave it to others when you can because it is more beneficial for you and your whole team this way. So Let others handle hardware and software systems for you and you just lead your team in other aspects of work without getting dragged into many other things.

Let creative people work free from chains

Creativity is not something you can find every corner and not all the work force around you are creative enough to make the company better using this trait they have. But when it comes to leadership successful leaders always leave enough room and space for these kind of people to do their magic.

Creativity needs freedom. It is like giggling and you cannot do it with chains on your hands and that’s the reason why you should leave your creative people free to make their work done. If you constantly approach them and ask them to show what they have done and ask them to change it then after sometime they feel like they can’t do what they want in a creative way and they should only please you instead of being creative.

This is worse than dropping a bomb in your team and when creative people stop working then others won’t even try to be creative and this leads to a domino effect that is destructive.

So leave them to do what they want. And let them feel free to approach you to get new insights. Give them feedback and guide them but do not demolish their creativity because it will damage your team and teamwork and Let creative people work free from chains.

Leave your legal work to professionals

I have lost the track of how many times we have discussed the importance of legal works for startups. When it comes to law no matter how successful you are as a leader there are constant changes in the regulations that you can’t track by yourself. Legal aspect of a company is something you should leave to professionals.

Even if you do not have sufficient funds to hire a law expert then you have to use some tools designed for this purpose because legitimacy of your company can be compromised with a single mistake and it can take you down before you know it.

There are people who have studied law and practiced It toward perfect use for startup companies and you as a successful leader should use their services for your company. They constantly monitor changes in regulations and know most of things before hand so you can be prepared for the storm when the sky is clear.

If you want to take care of legal aspects by yourself then you will miss the time to spend on your team and this may lead to a dysfunctional team. So you either should leave legal work to others or leave leading the team to other people or you will fail to manage both even if you are the best leader that have ever existed. There is no harm in learning more about the laws and regulations but the whole task should be on someone else’s shoulder so you can make the team work without the hassles and obstacles that comes from regulations. Just meet the legal team frequently and get updated and you will be fine.

There are many companies who have failed simply because they couldn’t take care of legal side of the business so don’t be shy to leave your legal work to professionals because it may save your whole business from falling apart.

Mastering what you can do is essential for your startup but learning what you can do but you should leave it to others is an art and thats why any successful leader should leave some of the task such as the ones we have discussed here with others. As a leader you should leave ither things outside of your personal work but never forgetthat you have to manage things and kbow what is happenening in your team so leaving tasks to others is not equal to giving up on them and completely forget about their existance. As a final tip we suggest you to try and establish a reward system for the tasks you have outsourced and then you can get the best results from your team because they know thatyou will apreciate them and their work.

So taht’s it for today’s article and we are done here with these3 points. If you have any suggestion or point youIthink we could add to this article then please share it with us and leave a comment down below. We will always be happy to hear from you and get your insight and experience so stay with us and stay tune for more startup focused contenet from startupik. If you need an special article or help then you can leave a comment as well and we will be morr than happy to return to you as soon as we got your comment.


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