Startup Ideas 2020

Startup Ideas
Startup Ideas

Today the startup ecosystem is growing and people dream of starting their business and make lots of money. With so many startup ideas in 2020, it can be hard to discover which are great for the long-term. 

According to the failure rate of startups that shows every year about 90% of businesses got failed so many people remain confused between which business to start for extreme profit and which one has the minimum probability of failure.

In this article, I want to demonstrate a list of best startup ideas that can be started in 2020 with a small amount of money as the investment.

Read a list of business ideas 2020 on below and tell us if you have any other suggestions:

  1. Online Course
  2. Food Trucks
  3. E-commerce Store
  4. Baby Products
  5. Ticketing Business
  6. Artificial Flowers
  7. Accounting Service
  8. Sharing Economy
  9. Digital detox
  10. Virtual Reality
  11. Home Renovations
  12. Online Appointment System
  13. Online Course

As you know everything is getting online and it is an advantage for this kind of startup. If you are worried about programming, you need to know about online tutoring tools and online webinars. Your students can learn online about your subject and you can also record your videos and put them on YouTube channel to gain publicity. Also, you can share them on any social media like LinkedIn.

Success Story: How to Make Over $100,000 Per Year Creating Online Courses

2. Food Trucks 

The low-cost alternative to renting a store is Food Trucks. Even stationary restaurants are planning to expand their current businesses by using mobile catering. They can travel to keep where the business is good when the weather is changing. Trucks also have their typical hot spots such as festivals. 

Success Story:

3. E-commerce Store

This internet-based startup idea is not an e-commerce website. The E-commerce store is so big that you can easily make lots of money with this. Maybe you heard about the mobile case selling business or T-Shirt selling the business. Keep in mind that you need not go anywhere or you are not required to know about coding also.

You can easily buy an e-commerce store from the website like Shopify. Start your e-commerce store from there. Select their products and advertise them via AdSense, emails or any medium which interest you.

Success Story: Robert Nava

4. Baby Products

They may be small but babies are a big startup idea you can grow. Recently, I’ve seen some high search volume and sales growth for baby products. You can check out Google Trends data and find out since about 2010 more parents are investing in buying. After you’ve built an audience selling your baby products, you can create a mega-brand in the baby niche. If you want to know about the best baby products, check out this website.

A clear-cut demographic is a good factor for having a good business idea. The target audience of your baby business can be new parents. 

You can use social media like Facebook to target them with ease. New parents can ask questions in forums that you created, try to produce content for both new moms and dads and you can have a YouTube channel to help new parents adjust to their new roles. All these efforts in combination can improve the traffic of your website and earn more sales.

Success Story: Mom Entrepreneurs

5. Ticketing Business

With the improvement of internet speed, this type of business is also taking the pace, as you know people used to stand in queues to buy tickets for events, movies, and sports matches for long hours. 

Ticketing business is a profitable business. All you need to do is creating a fantastic website or have to create a mobile application that can appeal to customers and have a good user interface. Most of the investment will go only in developing codes for your website and apps.

Success Story: Success Story of RedBus

6. Artificial Flowers 

This business can be used at home or for special events like wedding decors. It’s a new business idea in the wedding industry when more brides are choosing for artificial flowers to save costs. A good part of this startup idea is they’re artificial so you won’t need to worry about flowers that die too soon during the shipping process. Silk flowers have a more realistic appearance so they can be a good product to start your business.

This business can be marketed in different ways. Promoting them on Pinterest is a good way since the wedding niche is massive on this platform making it a great audience to tap into.

You can drive traffic back to your website by creating infographic wedding pins or blog posts. If you focus on ranking for keywords related to fake flowers or artificial flowers, organic traffic will also be huge. 

Success Story: How Dutch startup Bloomon became the Netflix of flowers

7. Accounting Service

Most of the business owners hate accounting part of their business and love to pass it to experts who love it and like to outsource.

The great news for many bookkeepers and accountants is that like other professions, bookkeeping has gone online. They can have more personal freedom and the ability to work during their hours.

According to some reports, Americans want to work from home so if you are great with numbers and super organized you can find clients easily.

Success Story: Lisa Newton Accounts for Her Success

8. Sharing Economy

The global sharing economy is growing, about 10 years ago Airbnb as a new startup in this business was founded. This business allows consumers to share anything imaginable. Now, people can use the sharing economy to borrow things they would previously have bought. The ‘living with less’ is a growing trend that businesses can capitalize on it.

Success Story: Grab On Rent – Success Story

9. Digital detox

Nowadays, many people are addicted to their smartphones, and it’s not good news for us. As you know, the first step to overcoming addiction is to admit it, and consumers are very keen to disconnect.

Apple and Google as big companies are getting in on the action with dashboards that allow users to monitor and manage their screen time.

Some reports predict 2019 will be the year of the digital detox so there are plenty of opportunities for startups to help people reduce the use of their digital devices.

Success Story: Screen Time in iOS 12

10. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a good forward in engaging the user in real sensory experience. Sellers of Hardware and software are working to bring new VR products to the marketplace.

According to some reports, this industry is growing and by 2020 the worldwide size of the VR market will be more than around $40 billion.

The potential uses of virtual reality are limitless. For example:

  • Using the VR to watching movies
  • Imagine you are searching the net for a new home and by using VR you can take an online walkthrough of an advertised house
  • This technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry
  • Friends will be able to interact by using this technology in social media platforms
  • The much higher degree of realism can gain by using VR into training scenarios.

Success Story: VR and AR Startups Ready for Explosive Growth

11. Home Renovations

One business that always seems to do well is Home Renovations. Some recent Statistics demonstrate that the average homeowner in the U.S. spends around $3000 per year on home improvements and generating many jobs for painters, electricians, carpenters, roofers, tilers, and other tradespeople.

Success Story: Thumbtack

12. Online Appointment System

Keep in mind, medical experts have neglected the inclusion of innovation in their jobs. But now they are prepared to join innovative and newer methods of reaching out to patients directly. Startups can help to healthcare segment by getting an online appointment for patients.

According to use technology, physical presence is not necessary and what is required is the virtual presence. Which of these startup ideas are you looking to start in 2019? Share your answer in the comments below!

Success Story: The Story behind

Do you find another startup idea? You can share with us from below comments 😉

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