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Start a startup


Define startup

The word “StartUp” simultaneously lighten the notions of “Start” and “Up” in our mind. Starting with the “start”, by hearing this term we learn that we stand just in the beginning line of a road. It is the start line in point zero. Then as for the part “Up” in the word, it just shows us a potential growth en route of the journey a StartUp takes.

But in public opinion, we usually consider a business as a startup when it actually becomes a big company—An example of success.

Thus, Let us continue with the same approach as the one public has. The image of a successful business as StartUp. Following will provide you with a roadmap for StartUps becoming major companies.

Lifeline of startup

StartUps usually born with a spark in the mind. An Idea which makes your problem more feasible. A lighting which shows the road to be taken in a safe and secure manner. This is just a raw idea. After a series of serious and hard attempts you manage to somehow execute it and bring it within the reach of real world. Then your StartUp’s product will be going under semantic examinations and it will be evaluated in different types and with various methods. If it just meets the needs, then it will be considered as a success.

Yet its just the beginning. Challenges are yet to come. If you want to complete the route and become a company, you have to check the followings. Now you want to raise fund in order to get the facilities for making mass production of your StartUp’s outcome. In order to raise fund, you have to make sure you will have a secure market to sell your product. In order to guarantee that market, you have to come up with market and data analysis. And the hierarchic list can continue more and more.

Just after you got a “pass” result on the above test and sold your product to customers; the scaling process would take the part. This is the border of the distinction between a large company and a small StartUp. The latter is a not-tested business model with small scale and the other is the larger-scaled proven business model.

How to start a startup ?

In order to reach the starting point of a line to the endpoint of success, it is necessary to apply a procedure in which it can fulfil the above explanations. A repeatable method which strength your outcome in every cycle.
Some say that a circle is nothing but a line where you have merged the two endpoints of the line an match them together. And if you run through this circle, you have created a cycle.

For that reason, set all the problems and answers related to the main issue and the value you want to supply under the category of Idea. Then set your efforts in order to produce and imply your solutions under the category of Build. And afterwards, put the trial and error results of your solution under the category of Valuation. In the next step put these three as points on a line segment with the same order. Now merge the start point of Idea to the endpoint of Valuation and form the cycle of StartUp. Start with an idea, build it with any possible tools, evaluate it and make the necessary changes, reform and evolve and start the cycle again and again and again….

Any time is a good time to start a company.

Ron Conway, Noted Startup Investor, SV Angel


Start a startup

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