Oneplus man called Pete Lau

Pete Lau

Pete Lau is not a household name and not many people know him as a famous person in the mainstream trend of technology but he is indeed a great man in the world of technology. His greatest achievement is founding a mobile company called as Oneplus. So today we want to take a peek at his life and see what kind of road and path he took in order to make it to success and what are the reasons behind the fact that you can consider him as a role model so strap on and get ready for another success story.

Who is Pete Lau?

Pete Lau is a Chinese entrepreneur and a great man in the world of electronic business. He was born in 1975 in Hanchan in China. There are not many sources about his early life and the time he spent as a child but his life started to get interesting when he joined the world of business. He started his first major role in Oppo company which is a very well-known smartphone maker. back then they were not globally active the way they are today and they were famous for other projects rather than smartphones. One of their most interesting projects was Bluray disks and Pete Lau was the head of the division in charge of this new tech. they manufactured blue ray disc readers and after spending some time there, he became the marketing manager of this company. Soon after that, he suggested the CEO that they should consider android Os more serious than before and this conversation led to Oppo N1 smartphone. This experience was an amazing factor in the life of Pete Lau and in 2013, he resigned from Oppo to make his own dreams come true.

Oneplus Happens

In the last month of 2013, Pete Lau announced that he has established a new brand in the world of smartphones: Oneplus. His approach to a well-known business such as smartphone was amazing and different. He decided that his company will not spend a huge amount of money for advertisement and they went for invitation system for buyers. Oneplus was all about the quality and they believed that they don’t need a fanbase without knowledge like other giants but the quality of their work will spread their name.

This attitude worked amazingly well and Oneplus one was a great hit. Today we have Oneplus 7 within reach and there are many fans trusting this company. what Pete Lau did was revolutionary and his bold move to ignore traditional advertising made his mark on the history of business and got replicated by many other companies in different business regions. His life has still a lot more to offer and since Pete Lau is still 43, we will see more from him in future.

Pete Lau is a great name indeed but there are many things in his life that we may not know about him. So if you know any interesting thing about his life and work then please feel free to share it with us. On the other hand, if you want to share any feedback or point regarding this topic or the whole startupik then please leave a comment down below and as always, let us know what kind of content you need more and we will provide it for you as soon as possible.

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