Paved, a great tool to get manage your marketing activities

Get your marketing done in Paved way

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any startup and many people don’t have much knowledge or experience to manage their companies marketing by themselves. In these cases, people are usually either hire marketing specialist or use marketing tools. Today we want to introduce you to a great marketing tool that can make startup life much easier for you. This marketing tool is called Paved and it has a lot of advantages for startups, specially fresh ones.

What is Paved?

Paved‌ is in short a special Email marketing tool that has simplified operation style which makes it suitable for people with minimum knowledge about marketing. Users of Paved can use Email marketing facilities as well as using newsletters finding system that can help them to find out about subscribers and their profiles so they can manage their advertisement based on this knowledge.

It designed simple and gives fast response and result so everyone can go for it with ease and there won’t be any need for special training or knowledge but if you have such knowledge then it can come in handy to make most of it with minimum effort.

Paved for advertisers

 Paved have to main sections for advertisement services; it can give its services to advertisers and publishers and in this coexistence there will be a harmony which can lead to effective advertising system.

When you use Paved for advertisers then you will get standard services you expect as an advertiser. You will get recommendations based on your requirements and you can use them to prepare your advertisement content. On the other hand we have full transparency in Paved for advertisers that can make things crystal clear when it comes to approach and information. Finally you can get fully customizable reports based on your needs and things such as heat map and other type of reports are one click away from you.

Paved for publishers

The second category of service will be given to publishers and it is called Paved for publishers. Publishers can get sponsorship deals. In order to get all these, you just have to create a profile in their website and then you will be a part of community that Paved provides for its members.

There will be a rich media kit available to you and you can use real time metrics tracking as Paved for publishers. This process is simple as well and you can get paid as a publisher in the same day which can help you start up and make profit fast.

If you need more information about this tool then you can go to their website by clicking here. And as always, please leave us a comment down below if you have anything to ad or if you have question to ask.

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