7 Online tools for Entrepreneurs to make an online impact

Online tools for Entrepreneurs

These days, meaning and concept of Entrepreneurship changed in some certain degree and a huge part of this change is related to online connectivity. Internet changed the way we interact with each other and the way we do our business.  That why we have decided to show you some tolls which can be helpful to make an online impact for any Entrepreneur.

These tools are all online but their effect is much wider than a simple online tool. They are all chosen in a way that we can spend minimum amount of money and get the highest possible result in return. First set of tolls will let you stay connected to your data and your customers and colleagues. Second set is all about establishment and you can use them to build a website and perform multiple tasks and services within them. Third group is about managing your actual customers and document your progress and processes. So here we go.

Part one: connectivity tools


Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage service centers. Its user friendly and simple yet effective. You can use this tool to have your data within reach, wherever you go.  You can connect all your systems to Dropbox to get a copy of your data in the cloud. They perform multiple security measurements and at the same time, avid making things complicated on the users side.


Being able to talk to your people and customers is a great way to improve your identity as an always available Entrepreneurs. This tool is free. You can make voice calls and video calls using skype and even group video conferences are possible using this great tool. You can send and receive data and files on your skype using pc and mobile clients as well.

Part two: website tools

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal

If you want to build a website and you don’t have a great knowledge over web development, there is nothing to be worried about. WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are some of the best CMS’s (content management system) available to make life easier for you. You can use plugins and even complete website themes and make your own website in less than a day. Using these systems are quiet easy and their cost is exceptionally cheap compare to developing a website from scratch.

What kind of task management suits you the best?


Shopify is a plugin that you can use to turn your website into an E-commerce gateway. You can use Shopify to creat secure Transaction facilities for your customers and you can do all these without breaking a sweat.

Part 3: management tools

Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to learn about your website traffic. It will help you to analyze your website using keywords and make the result personalize base on your own needs. Google Analytics is a must have tool for any online entrepreneur.


If you need to save a buck or just cannot bring yourself to purchase another Microsoft product, you can use OpenOffice.org. The site lets you create documents, presentations and spreadsheets without having to shell out money.

Microsoft office is a great tool to perform multiple tasks but there is a catch: it is costly for starters. On the other hand we have OpenOffice, a free replica of MS office which can give you almost 90 percent of MS office facilities without any financial weight.


This tool is all about telephone management. You can manage up to 800 phone numbers and channel your customers to the right destination on your team. Believe me when I say that Grasshopper will make your startup life a lot easier.





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