The next level of entertainment comes from startup: Jet pack race!

Jetpack race

We all enjoy fun and entertainment and this led to new innovations each year so when it comes to new things, startups will start to shine and to follow this trend, and the next level of entertainment comes from startup: Jet pack race!

From this year we will see a new set of entertainment and it’s all thanks to a new startup. It seems a little bit risky at the first glance but the Jet pack race system was tested for almost a whole year and checked all the safety measures before going to make it public.

So this startup called Jet pack Aviation has made their move toward this approach because they have find out that extreme sports are still popular but people are looking for something new and they are willing to spend money on new stuff so this brought them to the point that they wanted to make it happen with cation but in a fast way.

Their CEO is Mr David Mayman and he was one of the first people who have used his own product in order to make it available for public. He tested his Jet pack race system alongside his test pilot Boris Jarry. They flew over a lake and made quite a show to advertise for his company’s product.

So from next this year we will see this new sport and some qualified teams have already got invited to take part in the racing trials which can be very exciting for the first group of audience. If you want to know how much this type of race has the potential to excite you then we have to tell you that they are capable of flying with 320 kilometers per hour (200 miles per hour) and imaging seeing more than one jet pack flies like this as fast as possible.

But despite all of these interesting stuff around Jet pack race, we can tell that the main goal of this company is not the tournament itself but selling jet packs to potential customers. This company have announced that they have made a heavy lifting version of their product for military use and US special forces is first in line as their customer. This means that this startup will have an amazing future if they can secure this contract and Jet pack race is just icing on the cake and a side plan for a greater master plan.

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