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Instagram Follower
Instagram Follower
Instagram Follower

“The best advice for anyone trying to grow on social media is to be real and to be consistent. People will connect more with you if you stay true to yourself and who you are”- Lele Pons

Instagram is a highly-targeted channel for your brand and an opportunity to build a loyal audience that grows with your business. But there are right, wrong and clever ways to use it. In this post, you will find how to most effectively use Instagram to increase engagement and grow a massive following over time.

What is follower and following in Instagram?

A follower is someone that follows any account in Twitter or Instagram. The metric of how many accounts they are following is ‘Following’.

Why is it very vital to have Instagram followers for a business purpose?

Instagram followers are very important because they will see your posts and interact with. they will like comment on your posts, share your pictures that help you gain more audience.
Followers play very important role to build your brand identity, the amazing your posts are the better response you will get from your followers. If you want content to be found easier from people who don’t already follow you and help you gain more followers on Instagram quickly, you need use Hashtags on Instagram.

The Difference between Fake & Real Instagram Followers

There’s difference between an Instagram account having fake and real followers. Real follower have the ability to share, like, comment and engage with your Instagram posts. Fake followers have a few signs that you can detect them, and they are pretty obvious if you check their account, for example accounts with no photo or posts. because fake users don’t engage with your content, Instagram believe’s your content isn’t important or popular, so it’s shown to less people.

What Your Follower/Following Ratio Say?

Follower/following ratio is comparison between the number of follower and following. Some users judge the quality of your account by follower/following ratio. Accounts with low follower/following ratio are typically low-quality that depend only on the follow/unfollow method to gain followers, whereas those with high follower/following ratio are influencers and celebrities accounts.

The Indicator of Ratio

Accounts with followers between 1,000 and 15,000, here’s what your ratio tell users about you.
<0.5 Spammer: Users don’t know about Instagram automation tools and are spamming followers in hope for follows back.
0.5-1 Suspicious: Users that are using Instagram automation tools, but are following the wrong people or has poor quality content leading to poor follow back rates.
1-2 Normal: Users that have some success with Instagram automation, but need to use other strategies to drive more engagement.
2-10 Micro Influencer: Master of Instagram automation or has incredible content to grow their account.
10+ Influencer: Micro-celebrities or rising stars that are popular on social media channels.

Massive Following on Instagram

Having a larger Instagram following equal to more sales for your business, more views on your blog, and a good community for your brand. There are some methods that will help you reliably get more followers on Instagram. How will people know the account belongs to your brand if your account doesn’t have a bio, image captions, a proper username or profile image? Optimizing your account is essential and help to drive Instagram traffic to your site.

1.Optimize Your Instagram Account

The most important step is to have your account fully optimized, The brand’s Instagram bio is as the “homepage” to your account.

2.Keep Content Consistent

Avoid to irregularly post content to get more Instagram followers and keep to a regular posting schedule. You shouldn’t post more than a few times a day. Follow a schedule will help you build a consistent experience for your followers and keep them in the know of your brand.

3.Instagram Stories Highlights help to Introduce Your Brand

This new Instagram feature is perfect for introducing your potential followers to what you’re all about! Each highlight play a role as a movie trailer for your business, products, or services. Highlights give you an opportunity to court new followers with your best content, and give them a sense of what they can expect and what your business is all about.

4.Use the right Instagram hashtags

Engage your current audience while also growing your following maybe is your goal. The first requirement is posting new, interesting and engaging photos, but to begin growing you’ll find using Hashtag to your photos to be extremely vital. It makes easy for people to find your photos that are searching for those specific terms. Using hashtags is completely different from using the right tags.

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5.Choose the right filters on Instagram

Certain photo filters are more favorably than others. “TrackMaven” did a recent research on Instagram accounts to see how filters affected engagement and found that Mayfair, Hefe, and Ludwig drove the most interaction.

6.Instagram stories

This feature is rapidly growing in popularity, to over 400 million daily users. People can find Instagram Stories on the Instagram explore page, which means that people that don’t even follow you can still find and watch your stories. When you add a hashtag to Instagram stories by just type in the hashtag, or using the hashtag sticker when people search for the hashtag on Instagram, they will be able to view real time Instagram story on the hashtag too!

7.Promote your Instagram account in other places online

Instead of trying to hack the algorithm and optimize your content, start to promote your Instagram account in other places online like Facebook, Tweeter

8.Instagram Ads

It’s not difficult running your own Instagram ad campaign, You don’t need to create Instagram ads in Facebook business manager, all you need to do is just create an Instagram post like your normally do and then hit the “promote” button. Instagram already pulls in a “similar audience” that you can share the post to, or you can easily create your own audience in the app by choosing an interest, age range, and the genders you want to promote to.

9.Get Users to Participate

The stories we tell about our brand can never be as powerful as the stories our community tell about us. User-Generated Content (UGC) is just content generated by users. UGC created and shared by your community around your brand or product or message. If someone tell a story about their experience with your destination, your product, your business, then they have an affinity with you.

10.Monitor your Instagram following over time

It’s not useful to get more Instagram followers if you’re losing them just as fast. Monitor the rate at which you’re growing as well as how engaged your following is overall.

11.Running a contest on Instagram

Running contests on Instagram can help grow your follower, drive traffic to your website, and even sell product. Post an image promoting the contest is the easiest ways to do and then ask people to like it in order to enter.

12.Geotag ALWAYS

Whenever you’re posting add the relevant geotag. This is a great way to find your local audience and catch the attention of local users. When you geotag your photos, others who post photos in your region will see your images on the location’s page.

13.Interact with your follower

When someone comments on your posts don’t just say ‘thanks’, Interact with your audience when they take the time to interact with you. Human connection is no Instagram hack, it makes a big difference when it comes to user engagement.

14.Follow other relevant users

There’s a good chance When you follow a user on Instagram that they will check out your feed. If your post is full of compelling content that’s relevant to their interests, they’re likely to return the favor.

15.Write compelling captions

As you know Instagram is a visual platform, your captions play a big role in increasing engagement, by helping you get more followers. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Put the most important words up front. Captions in users’ post cut off after a few lines of text, so convey the most information right off the top.
  • Asking a question makes it easy for your audience to leave a comment. And that engagement will help make your account visible to more audience.
  • Use emoji. it can help draw the reader’s eye and are appropriate for most types of accounts on Instagram.
  • Use different caption lengths. Instagram allows long-form captions, so you can test out some in-depth storytelling if your post warrants it. When the visuals speak for themselves Ultra-short captions can also be very effective

16.Design your own Instagram style

It’s human nature to want to fit in, but on Instagram, you want to stand out. When you develop a unique visual content style, it’s instantly recognizable every time a user sees a your post in their news feed.


Let’s create a post for your business account according to the anatomy of the perfect Instagram post in the infographic below.

perfect Instagram post
perfect Instagram post
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