Duo to security concerns, google will not sell facial recognition tech

Google and facial recognition

Google and facial recognition is a tech that many people are interested in but google will not let others take it because it may computerize its customers.

In recent months Google and facial recognition was one of the most important topics in every techy talk and this company and Microsoft were trying to make the best out of this technology and make some regulations for this innovation.

The whole idea came from the possibilities of misuses which google is not that unfamiliar with. actually a couple of years ago this company faced a huge problem with misuse based on a new tech that was called google glass and the whole term of “glasshole” came to world of technology words so they don’t want Google and facial recognition to turn into another embarrassment for this company.

So what is the solution? Google has decided to make a new approach to control the situation and higher ups in this company has decided to go for a safe plan and decided not to sell this technology to any other company.

Google and facial recognition, What is there for startups?

Well to start with we have to say they may look totally irrelevant but if you scratch the surface and try to see the real meaning at the depth of this topic, you will see s lot of chances for startup companies.

If a giant such as google has decided to keep this technology and avoid selling it to others then we will see a huge play ground for startup companies to improve upon what google has already done. This can be good for startups from two perspective. The first chance they face is that when they try to make some new technology improvements n Facial recognition, there will be a lot of customers for their tech because google has refused to sell its own tech.

The other side of this coin is a little bit more obvious. We are talking about Google and facial recognition and this means that this company can be a potential buyer for the startup made tech out of all the other giants in the world.

This may lead to google buying a whole lot of small startup companies and make them a member of their family. so this is  great chance for startup folks to go out there and shine. Google and facial recognition will be a great deal for the future of technology and the fact that they have decided to respect the customers to keep them safer is a great feat.

ACLU was one of many who tried to control google and prevent them from causing damage by their facial recognition but it seems like the recent activities of google people s not that assuring to them because their tech director, Nicole Ozer has published a statement and warned google to keep their word: “We will continue to put Google’s feet to the fire to make sure it doesn’t build or sell a face surveillance product that violates civil and human rights. We also renew our call on Amazon and Microsoft to not provide dangerous face surveillance to the government. Companies have a responsibility to make sure their products can’t be used to attack communities and harm civil rights and liberties. it’s past time all companies own up to that responsibility.”

What do you think about the whole situation of the Google and facial recognition, what will it have for startups ? let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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